There was a time when the limitless runner category would be made use of whenever a brand-new film comes out or simply to make another sequel of a very well-known franchise business. Recently though, game developers are moving a growing number of to the card gathering and battler game path. The other day, Konami announced Star Wars: Force Collection, a free-to-play trading card battle game for Android and iOS devices to launch on 4 September.

The game will showcase all the heroes, beasts and bad guys from the Star Wars universe stretching over all six episodes. You’ll have to create a deck to battle and complete quests throughout the galaxy, making you a Fight Position that can be subsequently leveled up. According to the info on the game’s website, there’s likewise a light and dark side system that’ll be impacted by the choices you make during the gameplay.

New Star Wars Card Game Announced

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As you beat adversaries on different Star-Wars-centric battlefields, you can also get Plans where you can make use of to develop automobiles. Because the game is free of cost, it’s safe to say that the game will utilize an in-game currency to update or purchase even more cards.

Personally, I’ve actually never been a huge fan of card games on mobile gadgets, however if it’s a franchise business I understand so well and care about, I want to give it an exception. After all, it costs absolutely nothing and you get to see your favorite Star Wars characters on pretty looking cards. Attempt it, you must!