As with numerous games these days, another cherished PC fan favorite is being remade into a mobile game. EA has been unleashing a bucket filled with shocks this Gamescom 2013, with much love towards mobile games. Amongst them, they’re teaming up with Mythic to bring Dungeon Keeper to Android and iOS gadgets, and wishing to release it by the end of the year.

If you have played the initial Dungeon Caretaker means back when, you’d be instantly acquainted with the gameplay and lore. The game has you balance between constructing your underground dungeon and training evil generates to protect it from prospective invaders. In this mobile iteration, you can also go to various other gamer’s dungeon to attack and graft their treasure, a la Castle Clash.

Dungeon Keeper

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Best news of all is that Dungeon Keeper will cost you absolutely nothing. EA is once again going the free-to-play path, and I’m really thrilled to see how it all forms out. We will make certain to bring you more details as info about the game surfaces.