My Soda Clock Live Wallpaper - customize your Android with themed clocks

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My Soda Clock Live Wallpaper is a customisable live wallpaper application that shows a themed clock on your Android homescreen. Live wallpaper clocks can be very useful because there’s no homescreen area taken up with widgets, etc. The app comes with a spurt of cool themes and animation choices.

Price: Free or $0.99 for the complete version

Tested on: Nexus 4
Content Rating: Everyone

Pros & Cons:


  • Saves homescreen space!
  • Lots of themes!
  • Highly original!
  • Customisable!
  • Interactive!


  • Still a very heavy ‘style’ that couldn’t match everybody.


My Soda Clock Live Wallpaper is a kooky live wallpaper app that animates so that the numbers fill with soft drink to mirror the time. The app comes with 10 various styles, although there are 2 more in development. These array from the bright and vibrant ‘Beach Fun’ to the more subdued and minimalist ‘Hive’.

There are likewise lots of included customisations. These consist of being able to change the display, the soft drink results, clock/date position and size. There are plenty of presets too, so it’s fun to experiment with. One particularly cool thing is what’s called the. This is where the soft drink tilts with the way you move your Android gadget.

The nature of the wallpaper itself is really original. I likewise like the method it’s bright and heavily customisable and there are various interactive things you can do to the wallpaper. That said, I do not think it’s going to suit everyone. There are a lot of styles, however none are perhaps minimalist adequate to appropriate the Android/Holo/Jelly Bean design.


Wallpaper, as a rule are typically just ‘eye-candy’ that make your phone look great and personalised. With Soft drink Clock Live Wallpaper, nevertheless, it tells you the time and date. It’s likewise useful since it maximizes area on your homescreen. Hence it offers different design opportunities and new means to produce your very own Android experience.

Ease of Use:

Like most LWP’s, it’s very simple to make use of. The menu system is straight forward and you can tweak the look and feel rather a lot. It doesn’t provide a preview from within the menu system, so you do need to come right out to the setting display to see exactly what each theme/customisation appears like properly however besides this, it’s as easy to use as you can find.

Frequently Used:

As your wallpaper, it’s an app you’ll ‘make use of’ whenever you utilize your device. With it doubling as a clock, it may be something you’ve a look at more typically.


The user interface is normally very ‘themed’ when you apply the customisations. The menu is quite common of Froyo/Gingerbread menu’s, vibrant, clear but a little old-school compared with Ice Cream Sandwich and ‘Holo’. You’ve to bear in mind however, you will not be using the menu system too much once you’ve actually set the wallpaper the way you like it.