MWC 2016: what to expect

Mobile World Congress 2015 is a far-off memory, as well as we’re now merely a few weeks far from the next instalment of the most significant program in the smartphone calendar: MWC 2016. And it’s not nearly phones– you could likewise expect to see a battery of new tablets and wearables.

Last year offered us everything from the flagship HTC One M9 and also Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphones to the sophisticated Huawei Watch and also the ingenious Galaxy S6 Edge– and those were just a few of the highlights.

If the current reports are to be believed, we remain in for an additional bumper crop of smart device action in Barcelona this year, with Samsung, LG and HTC all tipped to be turning out the large guns.

We’ll be reporting live from Barcelona to cause you all the most recent from MWC 2016, as well as we cannot wait!

What is MWC 2016?

MWC, or Mobile World Congress to provide it its full title, is among the most significant events in the smart device calendar. It’s right up there with Apple’s iPhone launches and also Samsung’s Unpacked events.

It occurs in Barcelona around the end of February/beginning of March, as well as sees the world’s producers (minus Apple) descend on the Fira Gran Via for 4 days of mobile insanity. MWC 2016 runs from February 22 to February 25.


Samsung has managed to somewhat steal the MWC program for the previous 2 years, launching the Galaxy S5 and also the Galaxy S6 at the 2014 and also 2015 occasions respectively.

Eyes are on the South Korean giant once more this year, as welcomes show up for Samsung’s following Unpacked event on February 21 in Barcelona. Just what does it suggest? It means the Samsung Galaxy S7 launch is going to happen!

Battery life is an essential issue once more as well as it would certainly be good if Samsung could return some of the functions it reduced from the S6, like a microSD card slot as well as a water resistant build.

Rumors recommend it could do merely that, or a minimum of the microSD card little bit. There’s additionally broach either a Snapdragon 820 or Exynos M1 cpu, a solid magnesium alloy build, a resilient Turtle Glass display, pressure-sensitive 3D Touch-like technology as well as an even much better 12MP camera.

We were offered a treat last year though, as Samsung turned out its S6 Edge variant also, and countless leakages are directing towards an additional duo this moment around. As a matter of fact, Samsung inadvertently provided the S7 Side on among its own websites, so we’re quite specific we’re going to see it.

Plus there’s murmurings that Samsung will certainly additionally reveal its super sized Galaxy S7 Side+ at the very same time, giving us a potential trio of crown jewels to look forward to.


While Samsung hasn’t practically verified the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, or not purposefully anyhow, its South Oriental competitor has actually been instead much more direct with its ambitions for MWC 2016.

LG’s sent invites for its Barcelona press conference on February 21, validating while doing so that it will be taking the covers off its following front runner smartphone.

Since then it’s gone one even more, exposing that none apart from the LG G5 will go for MWC 2016. Reports suggest that the LG G5 will have a full metal body, a removable battery, a 5.6-inch QHD screen and also a powerful Snapdragon 820 processor.

But the business’s most current welcome checks out “come fulfill new pals on the playground”, which recommends we may see greater than one device. Might we likewise see an LG 360 VR?


Not one to be neglected, there’s also chatter that HTC will offer its following flagship phone an airing at MWC 2016.

HTC used MWC 2015 to release the One M9, so it’s definitely not out of the question that it could possibly restart the trick this time around. Though with no interview yet revealed as well as reports of a March launch it’s possible that HTC will avoid MWC this year.

The HTC One M10, whenever it shows up, will hopefully integrate several of the style language of the HTC One A9, while retaining the solid Feeling UI and introducing additional renovations in the electronic camera, battery and also BoomSound departments.


We’re never ever certain what we’re receiving from Sony at MWC, yet a minimum of we know the brand is visiting have a press seminar in Barcelona this year – first point Monday early morning (22 February) will certainly see the cover lifted on just what’s occurring from the Japanese brand.

There are three possibilities (as well as the invite offers away nothing besides the reality Sony’s social team is trying to keep the firm #relevant): a tablet computer, a wearable and also a phone.

Sony seems to have actually disliked double phone launches each year, with the Xperia Z5 released as the flagship at IFA last year– so the Xperia Z6 will likely be MIA.

That stated, the Xperia Z6 Tablet or Xperia Z6 Tablet Compact is a strong challenger to appear– Sony loves to launch a tablet computer in Barcelona, with the Tablet Z2 and Xperia Z4 Tablet both appearing alongside numerous plates of tapas.

Also most likely is a new wearable– it’s virtually 18 months because we saw the Sony Smartwatch 3, so are we finally getting the Smartwatch 4 with updated Android smarts?


Microsoft has only lately lifted the cover on the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, so we won’t be seeing a crown jewel announcement from the Redmond company. That doesn’t imply it will not be doing anything at MWC 2016 though.

Its Windows 10 Mobile phone lineup is looking a little thin on the ground, with only the Lumia 550 signing up with the front runner duo, so we fully expect to see some mid-range offerings appear quicker or later.

The newest reports suggesting we’ll see the launch of the Microsoft Lumia 750 or Lumia 850, or both, in Barcelona. That’s if they haven’t been terminated, which has additionally been rumored.

MWC 2016: what we want to see

Every year techradar takes a trip active to cover MWC live and also cause you all the most recent news from the show. Mark it in your diary (Feb 22-Feb 25), send your shopping list in the comments as well as support on your own for every little thing mobile. In the meanwhile, here’s exactly what we wish to see.

A truly bendable phone


Samsung and LG have aggravated us with the similarity the Galaxy S6 Side, S6 Edge+ as well as the LG G Flex 2, however we desire somebody to take these ideas to the following action, with a flexible phone or at the quite the very least a phone that makes good use of its curves. There’s talk that Samsung is preparing a foldable phone for launch in early 2016, so it’s feasible it could get to MWC.

But whether that or something else with any luck there’ll be at least one bendy phone at MWC 2016 as well as with any luck it will be a flagship, instead of being created as a niche device.

Every new flagship smartphone

How about the Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC One M10, LG G5, Sony Xperia Z6 and also Motorola Moto X (2016) all launching in Barcelona with each other? It would be the mobile divine grail.

It’s nothing even more compared to a water pipes dream, yet seeing every major Android producer go down a brand-new front runner in Barcelona would certainly cement MWC’s title as the most important modern technology conference of the year.

We ‘d remain in dreamland, the groups would like it and also consumers will reach choose from a number of leading notch mobiles at the exact same time, instead of needing to wait weeks, or even months, for all the leading gamers to show their hand.

Come on people, one for all and all for one.

More Windows phones

Windows Phone has actually had a bumpy ride up against the could of Android and also iOS, but Windows 10 Mobile is finally below and it’s gone along with by the outstanding Microsoft Lumia 950 and Microsoft Lumia 950 XL.

We probably won’t see more new Microsoft front runners at the program, but ideally a brand-new OS will lead to an increase in popularity and also with it a variety of new Windows Phone gadgets from various other producers at MWC 2016.

A brilliant Lumia camera phone

Remember the Nokia Lumia 1020? A strong mobile phone with a completely stonking 41MP electronic camera escaped on the rear. It’s about time the Lumia brand name treated us to one more super smart device video camera, as well as MWC 2016 would be the excellent venue.

With Microsoft currently at the Lumia helm, there suffices drive (as well as money) to press Windows Phone ahead – and also a breaking cameraphone will have everybody talking.

A stronger Chinese presence

Huawei as well as ZTE consistently have big stands at MWC, and also MWC 2016 will not be any kind of various – however the devices they’re peddling are generally less distinctive than the much more well established names.

We would certainly like to see a genuine flagship contender from each firm, which will really launch in a timely fashion worldwide (with costs exposed up front) and minus the quirkiness the brand names could in some cases experience from.

We also desire a strong presence from the similarity OnePlus, Oppo, Honor, Meizu as well as Xiaomi. These Chinese companies are creating first class, reduced expense mobile phones which can provide Samsung and co. some significant frustrations if they manage to break the Western market. Program us exactly what you’re made of!

Bigger batteries rather than slimmer phones


The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a brilliant phone, yet in concentrating on design and making it as slim as feasible Samsung forgot about among the vital points – great battery life, as well as numerous various other makers are practically as guilty of this.

We’ll gladly take a thicker phone if it means a bigger battery, we’ll even pay a little bit much more, so with any luck the powers that be, or the individuals that make, are listening, as well as numerous of the phones announced at MWC 2016 have wonderful battery life.

Battery innovation

windows mobile phone

As well as thicker batteries just how regarding new batteries? The exact same kind of juice packs have actually been powering our phones for years and also the truth is that they’re merely not really good.

New battery modern technology is being looked into all the time and ideally by MWC 2016 a few of that will certainly have passed by the research stage as well as been applied into smart devices. Origami batteries anybody? Or just how around super-fast demanding ones?

We’re likewise wishing to see even more phones at MWC 2016 adopt the new USB-C typical found on the OnePlus 2. It allows you to connect your billing cable in either method round – like Apple’s Lightning port – for easy leading ups in the evening. Thankfully a number of late 2015 phones have started utilizing this, so we’re enthusiastic that the crown jewel plant at MWC will.

More power, without the heat

cell phone

Each year we see ever before much more effective phones, however this year the mobile chip of choice – the Snapdragon 810, has gone through overheating concerns.

No-one wants a warm phone, specifically not when extreme warmth could run the risk of destroying the innards also, so we wish whatever phones are revealed at MWC 2016 are much more powerful, however without the warmth. This should not be a trouble, actually Fujitsu currently claims to have the answer.

Given the bad press the Snapdragon 810 obtained we’re certain Qualcomm and the other processor makers are making cooler chips a priority, so we ‘d say this is one point that’s quite likely.

An incredible Nokia tablet you could actually buy

Mobile Phone

Nokia (yes Nokia, not the Microsoft possessed Lumia) aggravated us ever before so cruelly at MWC 2015 with the beautiful Nokia N1 tablet. It ran Android, appeared like an iPad Mini and it’s fair to say at the very least among us fell in love with it.

Now all we’re asking is for Nokia to provide it a saucy spec bump, a pleasant software upgrade and also really make it available to acquire beyond Asia and also we’ll wed it in a heartbeat.

Smartwatches striking their stride

It’s still early days when it pertains to smartwatches. The most recent ones like the LG Watch Urbane, the Samsung Equipment S2, the Apple Watch as well as the Moto 360 (2015) are finally beginning to look much less like tech and also even more like fashion, yet they still have a method to go before they’re most likely to convince the masses to ditch their dumb-watches.

There should be other improvements too, with battery life key among them. We wish that by MWC 2016 a number of the issues faced by smartwatches will have been addressed and also they’ll be ready for prime time.

Modular mayhem

We were hoping Google would display Job Ara at MWC 2015, but unfortunately that didn’t take place and also the business has currently verified that it will not be introducing the equipment till at some time in 2016.

That could possibly suggest we’ll see it at MWC 2016 as well as offered the lengthy wait we hope that Google will certainly hit the ground running with a whole heap of modular phones, or a minimum of an entire lot of modules for phones.

Then we’ll be free to repair whatever the producers unavoidably obtain wrong/not to our tastes. No fingerprint scanner? Add one. Rubbish camera? Change it for a better one. Battery also tiny? Place a larger one in. As well as never ever get a whole new phone once more. Maybe.


Mobile device

Surprises are constantly fun. Well, not always, there was that a person time with the trampoline and the custard, however we don’t discuss it.

When it comes to MWC a lot more effective tools are a provided, new phones from HTC as well as Samsung are most likely as well as everything else we have actually hoped for, well, we currently expect it, so it will not be much of a surprise.