Move and Fire - play this addictive physics puzzler!

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Move and Fire is a physics based puzzle game that blends exciting gameplay with difficult puzzles. The game features many worlds to finish and numerous, lots of levels. Expect excellent 2D graphics, terrific noise and level after level of uncontrollable gameplay with a pinball feel.

Price: Free, optional In-App Purchases

Tested on: Nexus 4
Content Rating: Low Maturity

Pros & Cons:


  • Neat graphics!
  • Nice sounds!
  • Addictive gameplay!
  • Lots of challenging levels!
  • Lots of unlock!


If you delight in physics-based games, Move and Fire is definitely something you’ll want to attempt. In a nutshell, an orb falls from the top of the display and you’ve to relocate it to collect 3 yellow orbs before it reaches the floor. Physics reaches play below as you move around various blocks to alter its trajectory. More and more block types are launched the further you proceed with the game, but each has distinct properties to assist you finish the level. As soon as you’ve set your blocks in place, it’s time to test your arrangement. Click the top right button to launch the pink orb and hope it works!

If you are not successful, the orb leaves a kind of afterglow to show where it went, permitting you to make modifications appropriately. Often it takes some experimentation, however this makes it ultimately rewarding when you’ve the ability to finish the level. When the orb falls, it can land in either 2x or 4x combinations (located at the bottom of the display). The 4x is found right in the facility, makings it rather difficult to nab.

You get around 100 levels to work through, across 4 various worlds. Levels combine getting harder with introducing new blocks as you advance. There’s a great mix of uncomplicated levels that require little tinkering to complete and those which are fiendishly tough. There’s plenty of word and shape games in the Google Play Store, so this feels quite refreshing. The game is cost-free, however expect adverts and in-app purchases if you want to progress at speed- for instance you can pay a couple of dollars to unlock the extra worlds much faster and so on. I have not discovered these IAPs to be extremely essential however it’s a choice for people who want it.

Fun Factor:

The game is definitely enjoyable and completing tricky levels is specifically satisfying. I think you should’ve a love for these kinds of games however it makes for splendidly engaging and laid-back gameplay.


I’ve to confess I am not a massive fan of the genre, but I did find Move and Fire to be particularly addictive, specifically as you keep getting a growing number of block-types to enjoy with. There are online scoreboards to compete on too if you’ve the inclination … fame surely awaits a few of you!


The graphics, while 2D are well designed and look good. Each world has a different theme to it and the physics are sublime and very well executed into the gameplay.

Accelerometer, Vibration & Noise:

The sound is excellent. I specifically liked the songs which was kind of catchy and ever-present however it never really becomes annoying- which is perfect for the kind of gameplay Move and Fire features.