In exactly what is an impressive tale, Cyanogen shows off a larger individual base than BlackBerry and Windows Phone combined. It is clear that behind Android and also iOS, Windows Phone and also BlackBerry are the biggest players in the globe of smartphones. Combined, the 2 of them boast of a 3 % market share, from which Windows Phone adds to 2.7 % while Blackberry is at miser.3 %, according to the current IDC record of Q1 2015. Cyanogen started as a neighborhood of programmers that launched ROMs for tools which permitted users to do even more with their Android phones. Throughout the years, their appeal has actually expanded as well as from a pure enjoyable and romp component time project, it has actually turned into a full dimension moneyed startup.

Speaking at the Code Rush conference at Seattle, Adnan B of Cyanogen revealed that they show off greater than 50 million individuals which places them a shade above both Windows Phone and Blackberry combined. It is a major success for Cyanogen considered that they are not also a total platform in themselves. CyanogenMod is a layer of skin that is built over stock Android which is part reason for their popularity offered they add to the stock Android encounter without interfering with the encounter as well as a substantially various visuals. Thanks to their solid Style Engine and support from the developer community, CyanogenMod permits users to change whichever facet of their phone as they please.

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Recently, Cyanogen has actually teamed up with OEMs like Yu and also OnePlus which has permitted them to pre-load CM on their mobile phones giving the group a whole lot much more direct exposure. While the break up with OnePlus was unsightly and fairly public, a collection of financings as well as continuous talks with numerous Chinese suppliers to pre-install CyanogenMod on their devices suggests that things are looking better each day for the group at Cyanogen.

There is no suppressing of the opportunity that Cyanogen could possibly even destroy far from Android in the years to coming and possibly develop a platform of their own. If they do decide to do that at some time in the future, a single thing is for certain that Cyanogen will certainly have an exceptionally solid user base even to start with.