Monsters U: Catch Archie. Play addictive chase and run game from the movie!

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Monsters U: Catch Archie is a heavily themed handle the ‘running’ category that sees you manage Mike as he scampers after Archie the Scare Pig. The purpose is to catch Archie prior to he reaches completion of the level. When you catch him you might ride on his back while maintaining balance. You do that for long enough and you complete the level. It’s the official Disney game of the movie and is complimentary to download. However, it does use sufficient marketing in-app, although thankfully, no in app acquisitions.

Price: Free

Tested on: Nexus 4
Content Rating: Everyone

Pros & Cons:


  • Smart graphics!
  • Great sound!
  • Easy to play!
  • Challenging!
  • No IAPs!


  • Ads are a bit heavy.
  • Options missing?


Fresh from watching the Monsters University motion picture with my kids, I thought I ‘d try the official game and, regardless of not being much of a Disney fan, I rather enjoyed it. It’s basically a running game with set levels, rather than gameplay being constant. You are chasing a little pig through the Monsters U campus, sidesteping obstacles left and right, moving under others and leaping where needed. You likewise should gather University badges (like coins) as you go along. Below and there are power ups which can assist you too, from football helmets to magnets. It’s a quick paced game that streams superbly and is packages of enjoyable to play.

The graphics are immaculately smooth, which you kinda get out of Disney, and the music and sound are raised directly from the film so are also top notch. Gameplay is certainly fun and really rather difficult. in spite of it being a kids game. Nevertheless, I’ve found some facets actually perplexing and the Google Play Store description rather misleading. It recommends that you can update to open others attributes but no such option exists. It likewise says you can play extra parts of the movie (the Toxicity Obstacle) but this function is also lacking. Moreover, it tells you that you can play as various other characters, which also is not the case. Collecting the badges likewise seems to have little or no function. There’s no in-app shop or place where there can be exchanged for goodies. All of which is rather unusual.

Now, I got up to present 9 in testing, so unless all these goodies come as soon as you’ve finished that, it’s a little bewildering. Maybe in an upgrade?

The game, nevertheless, is enjoyable and rather addicting. My daughter saw me playing the game and right away downloaded it herself to play, she’s been on it since. Gameplay recognizes if you have played any of the numerous running games readily available in the Google Play Store and I was perfectly surprised (knowing Disney’s primary regulation of relieving parents of cash) that there was not any in-app purchases to work out. While the ads are stupidly large, they don’t meddle with gameplay and haven’t been too spammy in terms of content, which is an advantage too.

Fun Factor:

The game is definitely enjoyable to play, especially if you’re aware of the motion picture and like running games. It’s in fact quite freshening to have a running game with levels in it, instead of the ruthless runners where you’re needed to start from the starting each time you play. It’s good to be able to really progress. Gameplay then, is satisfactorily different from other titles for the game to be worth having a look at.


Yes, rather. It’s a really laid-back game to play and levels can be finished in simply a couple of minutes. This indicates you can simply pick it up and play it whenever you’ve a cost-free moment, or like my little girl, a free early morning.


The graphics are very slick and effectively animated (it’s Disney after all!) There’s sufficient information and, even though you are chasing after a Scare Pig through a Monster University university, it’s rather credible!

Accelerometer, Vibration & Noise:

The noise is exceptional, using lots of material from the movie. This offers the game an extremely practical feel and makes it an excellent tie-in with the motion picture itself.