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While startups are trying to replace your mobile calendar by making it smarter, there’s a new-ish iOS app called Event Book that appears to be built around the belief that what calendars really need is to become simpler and easier to use.

Created by Abhinay Ashutosh, Event Book introduced earlier this year. Since then, Ashutosh stated the app has been downloaded more than 60,000 times, and he said that he’s actually included ‘individual feedback from tens of thousands of individuals’ to release version 2.0 today.

The Event Book user interface is divided into different ‘books’: The Day Book reveals you your plan for the present day, and the Week Book, the Month Book, and the List Book screen all of your calendar items in a single list. In a lot of sections, you can swipe across to see the next day, week, or month, and you can readjust in between ‘long’ and ‘short’ views to figure out the amount of info is shown. In the Month Book, the number of dots under every day to indicate how many events you’ve set up.

None of this is exactly revelatory, but I think it looks quite slick – if you don’t such as the design of the native iOS app, however you are not always trying to find great deals of ‘wise’ bells and whistles (something I have complained about in the past), this can be the app for you.

Day Book

When I asked how he sees Event Book fitting into the larger calendar market, Ashutosh stated it offers ‘an one-of-a-kind mix of attributes and design’: ‘The app does this by integrating thousands of points from users about exactly what functions they desire most together with an awesome, light, and themed design to develop an app that actually keeps you on top of your schedule while keeping up with your preferences and styles.’

As for exactly what’s new, Ashutosh stated that variation 2.0 has a brand-new design, in addition to the capability to personalize that design with new styles. There’s also a new ‘book,’ the Area Book, which integrates with Apple Maps and Google Maps to permit individuals to conserve their preferred places, add them to occasions, and bring up directions. For instance, many of my conferences occur at the TechCrunch workplace, so the Location Book permits me to save the address and easily add it to any future events. (Not that I require directions because case, but hey, it conserves me time.)

You can download the free Occasion Book here.