Inspired by, a Microsoft designer produces a web site called TwinsOrNot which allows users to examine exactly how the same two human beings are. The internet site is hosted on Azure and also makes use of Microsoft’s Face Recognition API to assess 2 various user-defined pictures – means that the site uses the very same modern technology as Microsoft’s HowOld website.

Well, Microsoft has actually silently released the TwinsOrNot app for Windows Phone, which allows you to inspect exactly how similar two humans are much like the website.

Mobile Phone

Users could enter any type of two face photos into the TwinsOrNot app as well as it’ll contrast the faces and offer you with a degree of similarity. The application additionally allows you submit pictures straight from your Lumia or search for faces online using the integrated Bing integration.

TwinsOrNot is powered by Microsoft Project Oxford, an advancing portfolio of devices that permits designers to add intelligent options leveraging Microsoft’s effective understanding of vision, speech, face acknowledgment, and also language understanding. This finding out technology makes it feasible to identify patterns as well as also predict future habits, end results, as well as trends.