Microsoft is suing Samsung over millions in alleged unpaid interest, windows mobile phone

If there’s something tech business know ways to do much better than anybody else, it’s take legal action against one another.

Now Microsoft has taken Samsung to task in a New york city court for $6.9 million (about ₤ 4.3 m, AU$ 7.9 m) in alleged unsettled interest, according to Reuters.

The dispute apparently began with Samsung’s belief that Microsoft breached the companies’ “business collaboration agreement” when Microsoft bought Nokia’s phone division in September of 2013.

As a result Samsung postponed payments of over $1 billion (about ₤ 621m, AU$ 1.14 b) of patent royalties to Microsoft in protest, and now Microsoft says Samsung owes it interest on those late payments.

Agree to disagree

Samsung did ultimately resume its royalty payments, but without the interest Microsoft says it’s owed.

The royalties Samsung pays Microsoft are due to Microsoft’s ownership of innovation that Android has been discovered to be partially based on.

Samsung is not the only business that pays royalties to Microsoft for this factor, but apparently HTC and others didn’t skip their payments when Microsoft acquired Nokia’s mobile company.

However Motorola is one business that has actually also declined to pay royalties to Microsoft, and the 2 have actually been locked in litigation for several years.

Hopefully Samsung does not suffer the same fate, especially considering how it fared against Apple.