MeeGo Startup Jolla Closes Pre-Sales Campaign For Its First Phone, Booking Orders Of Up To 50,000 Units

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Jolla, the Finnish start-up comprised of ex-Nokians that’s constructing its own MeeGo-based mobile phone platform and phone hardware has actually closed out a pre-sales project for the device it displayed in Might. Thing is, it’s not saying the number of phones are in this first pre-order batch – so it’s not truly stating very much about the level of demand it’s seeing (or not seeing).

Update: Jolla has just sent TechCrunch a second feedback pertaining to the batch size – which suggests it could be in the tens of countless facilities range. Although Jolla isn’t giving out the precise variety of devices prebooked it can be said that the size of the manufacturing batch for a mobile gadget vendor of this size is usually 50,000 units,’ a Jolla spokesperson said. Original story follows below.

Jolla’s pre-sales project took partial repayments from purchasers wishing to reserve a handset ahead of launch later this year (the first device deliveries are due at the beginning of Q4 2013). The pre-sales campaign began in mid-May and was apparently closed out by mid-July, it said today – with demand coming from a mix of’consumers and chosen sales networks’. The only figure Jolla is launching is that online pre-orders were had from 136 countries in all. So that’s a minimum of 136 phones gotten then.

Why is not really it quantifying pre-sales figures? ‘Client privacy’ is the official line according to Jolla’s Twitter feed (below) – however that actually does not make much sense. So it’s hard not to shake the view that it doesn’t want to confirm sales figures due to the fact that they’re relatively low. Competition in the modern mobile phone area is strong – so much so long time mobile phone veterans, such as BlackBerry, are discovering it tough to ship gadgets. Having to compete with only start-up resources is a substantial ask (Jolla’s Sailfish OS has drawn in a commitment from a partnership of investors to contribute $259 million to assist it develop out the environment – however that financing wasn’t dedicated as an upfront payment so it’s vague how much has been added to date).

Still, according to analyst Juniper Study, there’s an opportunity for Jolla’s Sailfish to carve out a niche for itself as one of a variety of ‘new emerging gamers’ in the mobile phone OS space. In a report this week the analyst stated that while Android and iOS will remain to dominate the global landscape over the next 5 years, the ‘smartphone OS market will see brand-new arising gamers, such as Asha, Sailfish and emerging HTML 5 based OS gamers begin to make headway in niche locations’. Collectively it’s anticipating these new gamers can capture 13 % of the marketplace by 2018.

People pre-ordering Jolla’s first handset in the pre-sales project were putting down a partial payment of approximately EUR100 per gadget. The smartphone will retail for EUR399 ($513) in total amount, with shipments due to go first to European pre-orderers – and to Finnish carrier DNA, the first carrier to sign an offer to range the mobile phone, back in November.

Specs sensible, the phone has a 4.5 ″ screen, joined a dual-core chip. It consists of 4G, 16GB internal memory plus a microSD card slot, an 8MP automobile focus camera, and a user-replaceable battery. Interchangeable shells are a flagship function, which permit the user to customise the feel and look of the device – and which link the hardware to the software application by some kind of bridging innovation, likely NFC. The phone runs Jolla’s MeeGo-based Sailfish OS however will be able to run Android apps, in addition to any native Sailfish apps created for it.

Jolla said today it might do a third pre-sales campaign this year – however once again, is not really offering solid verification at this point. ‘We’re pleased to see this great around the world interest towards our first device,’ said Tomi Pienimäki, CEO of Jolla, in a statement. ‘For those, who missed the first chance, we’re now doing our finest to offer a third possibility, a brand-new batch of Jolla mobile phones later on in the fall.”

MeeGo Startup Jolla Closes Pre-Sales Campaign For Its First Phone, Booking Orders Of Up To 50,000 Units