Swedish developers Mediocre are anything but mediocre, being the brains behind successful mobile games Sprinkle and Granny Smith. And since follows up are hip this year, they’ve actually chosen to introduce one: Sprinkle Islands, taking the physics water puzzlers to an entire brand-new level.

This time around Ouie’s famous fire truck is on the move, driving across the magnificently rendered islands of Titan to save the day. Control the flow of water with refined controls to navigate obstacles, buttons, elevators and even more to get the truck moving to the next fire. Just like in the original, water supply is controlled and the less utilized to complete a level, the greater the final score.

Mediocre Plans to Bring Sprinkle Sequel, Sprinkle Islands

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The upcoming Sprinkle Islands will feature 4 distinct environments and 48 levels, more dynamic and complex puzzles, enhancements on the water auto mechanics along with the water that we will have at our disposal, evening pools, drifting items and … oceans!

We likewise have a trailer for Sprinkle Islands launched by Mediocre and you can check it out below:

The game is scheduled to be launched on July 11 for Android as well as Android and it’ll cost $1.99