Titan, the game was initially launched in 1988 and became a massive favorite of its time. Now the designers are remaking the franchise, revamping and upgrading the game. Not only that but the title has actually likewise been changed a bit, Titan: Escape the Tower.

Titan: Escape the Tower isn’t merely a renewed variation of its predecessor but an entirely brand-new game, fulled of entirely brand-new 3D environment and a total amount of 80 levels. It’s even more than a regular block breaking game, you’ll need to get rid of traps and work yourself through the risks while making your escape with the tower.

Make a Run for Titan: Escape the Tower

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Titan: Escape the Tower includes profound gameplay with over 8 world such as Forest, Ice, Jail, Fire, Techno, Water, Alien and Air. Clear the passage for the ball by breaking objects with the help of racket while staying clear of traps at the exact same time. When it comes to the visuals, the game offer stupendous graphics with compelling 3D environments. You can likewise select between two various modes, initial and normal. The game also enables you to control the camera and you can either select the overhead or viewpoint view. Overhead view offers you the same point of view as it was in the original Titan.

Titan: Escape the Tower certainly provides lot of difficulty. You can get the game from Play Shop for $2.09 but the game is worth it.