LG Optimus G Pro, one of the highlight gadgets of the MWC 2013 was launched in India on July 4th in New Delhi. The launch event was held at Le Meridien Hotel and Techsplurge was among the couple of technology blogs present to examine the gadget out that numerous have actually already counted to be one of the biggest competitors of the greatly effective Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind II.

The bloggers got a great deal of time with the device in the event to play around with the device. The event in itself was a sparkling one with lots of lights, razzmatazz of songs and whose who of the India Tech Blogging world present. The Blog writer’s comply with was set up at 17:30 hours. We were excited to be a component of the show and had a great solid appearance at the device. Because we’d the gadget for a fairly short duration, we feel we’d not be justice if we composed a full testimonial. So, right here are our preliminary impressions of the G Pro and we guarantee to come up with a complete testimonial once we’ve actually made use of the gadget extensively. Let us dive in.


Before anything else, let’s enter how heavily will this device consider on your wallets. With the drum rolls playing in the background, it’s pretty astonishing that the LG Optimus G Pro will set you back by about Rs. 42,500. Nonetheless, some of the online selling outlets such as Flipkart have the device for as less as Rs. 39,000. The device is readily available for pre-order immediately and the distribution date is guaranteed to be in the second week of July.

LG Optimus G Pro: Initial Impressions

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We absolutely are a little worried of the cost. The reason being basic, the G Pro isn’t an Apple product. And we’ve seen virtually every device apart from an iPhone which has touched the 40K zone has actually hit a bit of a dead end. The BlackBerry Z 10 and Q10 being a prime example. Yes, the HTC One, has actually been one exception which is largely due to the fact that everybody has actually always liked the premium construct quality that HTC delivers with it’s devices. For all the goodness of the G Pro, we feel that the cost is maybe a number of thousand dollars northwards. However, you never understand with the marketplace, you could see a lower if the gadget doesn’t do wonderful. Our golden mantra? Perseverance.

Hardware Quality

The chassis of the LG Optimus G Pro is primarily plastic. The plastic is constantly drawing in finger prints however LG did point out the device will deliver with a clever cover which would double up as a wireless charging jacket.

LG Optimus G Pro: Initial Impressions

The back of the gadget has a very comparable plain patterned back as that seen on the LG Nexus 4. Holding the device does provide you a premium sensation and we discovered it to be a lot more comfy in hand a compared to the Galaxy Note II or a number of various other phablets we’ve actually seen. There were no visible creeks in the device and the subtle curves on the sides made the device comfortable in pocket.

The LG Optimus G Pro is 76.1 mm broad as compared to 78.7 mm Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind II. This makes the gadget a lot more comfy to hold and hold

LG Optimus G Pro: Initial Impressions

The back cover although thin was very simple to pull off and include the Micro Sim card and the Micro SD Card. There’s a metallic looking ring which runs around the device like we’ve seen on a few of the Samsung devices. The star of the program as far as the hardware of the device is concerned though, is the notification LED.

LG Optimus G Pro: Initial Impressions

The notification LED is flanking the home button of the gadget and is capable of producing numerous colors. Seems a glowing home button and specifically in a dark location, this looks absolutely magnificent. You can set the LED to reveal specific colors when particular people are contacting you. For instance, set red color for the Boss, so you see the light and know who it’s and so forth.

The speakers on the gadget in our little time of playing were loud though we actually aint precisely sure how excellent they’re because of the loud songs at the gallery. The power on/off button is located on the right flank of the device and the volume rockers with a button to launch any application on left. For somebody like me, with fairly big hands, I discovered the power button to be a little small, however for average users this shouldn’t be a problem. The 3.5 mm head set jack is found on the top of the gadget along with the IR Blaster and the Micro USB connection port is at all-time low with the primary microphone.

Real Time Performance

In the little time we got with the device on the spot, the efficiency looked crisp. We did download a few games and the gadget performed well with everything we tossed at it. Multitasking was actual time, however that’s more of a credit to Android than LG, but still, things were typically snappy and we discovered the gadget to be smoother than any other phablet. Closing and opening the apps was breeze and there were no stutters as we scrolled across the apps page and the house displays. There was no visible lag until we truly threw the kitchen area sink at the device which is to be anticipated.

LG Optimus G Pro: Initial Impressions

The 1.7 GHz Qualcomm 600 SoC is the same one that we’ve seen under the HTC One or even the Samsung Galaxy S IV and it doesn’t dissatisfy below either. There’s a dedicated Adreno 320 GPU to help you with your graphics extensive things, and 2 GB of RAM to see to it things flow along well. In our brief time with the device we’d no grumbles with the efficiencies of the phone.

Screen: Size Does Matter

The LG Optimus G Pro sports a large 5.5 inches IPS Plus LCD Screen with true HD resolution of 1280×1920. This offers the device a PPI of 401. Although this is lower as compared to the marketplace leaders such as HTC One and the Galaxy S IV, but there’s a catch. And few bloggers understood about it until Mr. Amit Gujral, the Mobile Product Head of LG, India told us. Pixels on the LG Optimus G Pro are divided into 3 sub pixels instead of 2 as on the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

LG Optimus G Pro: Initial Impressions

This is largely te reason why the screen on the LG Optimus G Pro is truly dazzling and sharp. The colors are natural and deep, in reality actually natural and you’ll be forgiven for a 2nd to be thinking the screen really is AMOLED. Even in real bright lights as present in the gallery, readability was never a problem. Viewing angles were great, once again we can not vouch for the outdoor exposure because we couldn’t bring the gadget out.

LG Optimus G Pro: Initial Impressions

LG Optimus G Pro on the Left and HTC One on right

The size of the display though is a double edged sword. If larger the much better, is your rule you’ll enjoy the screen. Nonetheless, for me, utilizing the iPhone 5 and HTC One, I found the screen to be a little too big to be utilizing it everyday. One handed operation is essentially impossible and if you’ve tiny hands then you may wish to have fun with the device first before you invest into it.

There’s a lot LG has actually changed on the G Pro

LG Optimus G Pro doesn’t not come with Stock Android. The device is currently running Android 4.1.2 but an update is right around the edge. Nevertheless, LG has actually added lots of bling stuff and not always everything is truly required. A few of the attributes that actually impressed us were:

VR Panorama: The capability to capture 360 image see is an Android attribute, however LG appears to have actually implemented it better than anybody else yet. Taking VR Panorama is simple and fast.

Q Remote: We’d a gripe with our HTC One that you needed a third party application for the IR Blaster to work. Regardless of that a few of the Indian gadgets weren’t sustained. None of that with the LG Optimus G Pro as the Q Remote worked actually well and we actually did turn an AC off.

Q Apps: Q Apps are launched right from the alerts bar. They generally are small apps that run in the foreground of the task you’re doing. You can open as numerous Q Application as you desire and this is truly excellent as you can have the Calendar calculator all open as you browse your site.

LG Optimus G Pro: Initial Impressions

Dual Recording: LG Optimus G Pro permits you to record from both the front and back camera at the same time completely HD. Once again, this is a distinct attribute in the gadget and we were thrilled with how well the video played after recording it on a COMPUTER.

Audio Zoom: Audio Zoom is another function we truly suched as. It allows you to zoom the sound in any video so you can listen to things a lot more clearly. Really fascinating brand-new add on.

LG Optimus G Pro: Initial Impressions

VU Talk and capacity to bear in mind from hand: VU Talk is an additional LG unique which permits you to share a notepad kind of a thing with your buddies and you both can in fact scribble on it at the exact same time. Generally, IM with actual time writing and scribbling support. This is visual chatting. You also have a neat notebook attribute, where you can simply scribble and save ideas.


The rear camera in the LG Optimus G Pro is 13 MP and takes truly neat snaps. We mightn’t transfer any snaps and see the real quality of a desktop computer, however the camera worked well. Due to lights there were no real dim lights situations for us the test the camera in low light. The video recording was smooth and although there are very few customisations possible with the camera, the basic needs such as HDR exist.

LG Optimus G Pro: Initial Impressions

The front dealing with camera is 2.1 MP, and was really average. Overall, the camera of the LG Optimus G Pro serves a function which is to take images for social networking like several other smart phones. There’s absolutely nothing groundbreaking here. Nothing until now at least.

Concluding Thoughts

We’ll be having an extended period with the device in the coming week, but for now, the impressions are excellent. The device is aimed an individuals who want an all rounder device which does great deal of things very well without excelling ever before at one specific thing. It’s an effective phone, no doubt and a huge phone. Pretty simple to state the G Pro is the closest thing there’s in the market to the Note II and if phablets are your thing, and cost is no concern, then the LG G Pro is certainly worth thinking about if you’re picking up a new Android phone.

We’ll return with a video testimonial and a comprehensive composed review of the gadget quickly. Till then, if there’s anything in particular you desire us to cover about the G Pro, please let’s understand in the area below.