Recent research shows that contact with blue light prior to sleep can distort the circadian rhythm and trigger the failure to sleep, although extremely light is good for reading and playing games on smatphone, tablet and even laptop but also not so great for sleeping. Looking at computer systems, tablets and Smartphone in the evening makes brain to think, it’s still daylight. Monitors produce blue white light that’s similar to daytime. Modern studies have actually revealed the people who use a tablet or a Smartphone for a few hours prior to bedtime might discover their rest postponed. This can play a big part with sleeping disorder, making use of a mobile phone before going to bed individuals can not sleep because the reason is Melanospin. This is a receptor sensitive to blue light that retrains Melatonin manufacturing.


Melatonin is the bodily hormone that informs the brain to shut down and go to sleep, it controls sleep and wake cycles of the human body. So it’s clear that excessive use of mobile phones or tablets can be the source behind sleeping disorder and lots of are experiencing this issue.

Technology can help to obtain a much better rest, modern-day technology has shown that there are lots of ways to aid with this. Computer systems and Smartphone can help individuals to obtain much better sleep if they make use of one of the following applications such as the Twilight Android app that comes handy in this case.

The GOLDEN app makes gadget screen adapt to the time of the day. It’s the capability to filter blue spectrum of phone or tablet after sunset and it safeguards the user’s eyes with a soft and beautiful red filter. The filter intensity is successfully adapted to the sun cycle based on sunset and sunup times. This complimentary software makes use of the user’s Google map location to identify what time the sun sets in their area. As Twilight falls the software application modifications monitor color tint from normal blue light to subtle red orange. This software is really made to prevent eye pressure.

Keep you healthy sleep using Android Devices - Twilight Health App Review

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This tiny app tint user’s screen along day and evening, throughout the daytime display looks the same but sunset approaches, it tints display with a warmer, less aggressive tone of white/yellow. It’s much comfy for users to look at their screen during the night, when daytime chimes in, display’s display is put back to a regular, default shade. Twilight is an Android app that instantly sets individual’s device brightness over the course of the day, it lowers the extreme whites and blues as the day advances. Twilight promises a good night’s rest after hanging around looking at mobile screen. The application is actually helpful for those people having rest disorders and discovers it hard to fall asleep. This app is also good for kids who’re addicted in playing games with Android before going to asleep.


The application is complimentary and can be downloaded from Google Play. The app size is 1.0 m, it’s a tiny app with basic interface. The product is a good and innovative attempt, when users install it they can include their area and it’ll adjust to the natural light through the year. Users can adjust the color distinctions and intensity to lower the impact, and also they can add a status bar which allows individuals toggle Twilight on and off if they need to do something after dark with natural light such clicking on photos, enjoying videos etc. It also consists of professional setting that allows individuals to readjust how long the shift settings in between color.


TWILIGHT app is made to work unobtrusively in the background, the concept is individuals set it up when and never ever touch it again. To set it up users should add their location, then the app compute the time of sunrise and sundown where ever they are. Next individuals choose the type of the light that they desire their screens to replicate in the evening such as Tungsten, Fluorescent and Halogen or they can utilize their own customized value by readjusting the temperature level sliders. They can likewise select transition between the day and evening settings.

Keep you healthy sleep using Android Devices - Twilight Health App Review


  • In summary TWILIGHT can
  • Reduce eye pressure making use of computer, or tablet at night
  • Increase user’s productivity by letting them work late at night
  • Reduce promoted wakefulness by decreasing the impact of blue light
  • Protects user’s eyes with a soft and pleasant red filter
  • Promises for a better sleep
  • Encourages healthy melatonin production
  • Harmonizes display’s color temperature level with the sun cycle


Twilight is a good Android app that helps people to better sleep. It can notice the time of the day and adapt the gadget screen appropriately. It’s a truly good app and everybody need to provide a shot to this brand-new idea there are lots of apps however Golden is one that minimizes the output of blue light as it gets to bed time, total it’s a fine effort. Basically Golden assists make using an Android gadget in the evening a bit more healthy.

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