Have you saw that we often forget our passwords when we require them the most? For example, let us explain you need to examine your account balance before composing a check, but can’t remember your qualifications to do that. Or how about the time when you wished to reserve an aircraft ticket and recognized your credit card and passport just were not at hand?

Thanks to SafeWallet, you can bid farewell to these humiliating minutes, as all your credentials and passwords are saved on your phone and even integrated throughout devices and platforms. In this manner, your sensitive information will constantly fall to date and handy.

Vault and Favorites

SafeWallet us interface is relatively simple and relatively clean. The application is inspired by Google’s Holo style, but likewise takes tips from Windows XP, particularly for its icons and buttons.

The application is divided in three main tabs: your Safe, Logins and Favorites. The first one is the most relevant one, as it’s where all your delicate data is conserved. The Safe can be arranged into Folders and Cards, so it’s much easier for you to categorize your information. Often utilized cards can likewise be marked as preferred, in order to be accessed easily from the last tab.

Keep Sensitive Information Handy With SafeWallet

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SafeWallet us interface is simple and uncluttered

SafeWallet makes it easy to include an item or search for a card as specialized choices are always shown at the top. There are likewise really little menu options: one lets you learn about more about the application and the various other brings you to the Setups.

Lastly, SafeWallet makes it simple to modify an item, as long-pressing a Card or a Folder will let you edit, delete or copy it. Pasting an item isn’t as easy, you’ve to push and hold a card or a folder to paste the item beside it. This implies that tapping and holding the folder in which you want to paste the Card will not work, you’d rather need to press and hold an item that’s already in the folder. Finally, removing an item is too basic, as deletion is completed without any verification whatsoever, making it really easy to inadvertently delete an entire folder – it took place to me a number of times …


The delicate data itself is kept in a Card, which can be placed anywhere you desire in your Safe. When producing a Card, SafeWallet will let you picked from a large variety of predetermined design templates, such as Savings account information, Credit Card information, Motorist’s License, ID or Ticket, E-mail Account, Frequent Leaflet Number, Insurance plan and far more.

Keep Sensitive Information Handy With SafeWallet

SafeWallet offers a wide variety of predetermined templates when producing a card

After you choose the template you ‘d like to use, you can fill out the info making use of the predefined fields, or customize them according to your demands. You can for that reason erase, rename and add fields, and personalize their kind – Password, Numeric, Contact number and so on. SafeWallet also lets you individualize the icon for any Card or Folder to make the information much easier to detect. The application has an inbuilt collection of icons – which are greatly influenced by Windows XP, but there’s no chance to add brand-new ones.

Keep Sensitive Information Handy With SafeWallet

A customized card

When filling out the PIN or password info, SafeWallet has an option to immediately create a password according to your requirements. You can therefore customize the length of the password and the type of characters that need to be made use of to generate it. Likewise, in order to prevent others from seeing your passwords, SafeWallet will automatically conceal them when you are not in edit mode. However, tapping a password will copy it in your clipboard so you can easily paste it back in any other application.

Keep Sensitive Information Handy With SafeWallet

SafeWallet us built-in Password Generator

Safety is customizable in SafeWallet, and you can tell the application to bear in mind you understand password for you – although I would not recommend it. The app can likewise immediately lock itself after a particular time, in order to prevent others from browsing your Vault.


SafeWallet conserves your data both on your gadget and on safe and secure servers, which permits the information to be reproduced across gadgets. Certainly, if you’ve other Android gadgets, an iPhone or a Windows computer system, you can see and edit the details in your Safe and have SafeWallet instantly sync it back with all of your gadgets.

On Windows, SafeWallet also offers web browser extensions that can immediately remember your passwords and add them to your Logins – the 2nd tab on Android. This information is automatically populated and saved in SafeWallet, so it can be accessed from the application or utilized to complete your qualifications on any computer.

Unfortunately, the application does not incorporate with mobile browsers for the time being and therefore won’t be able to produce a Login card for the information to be instantly utilized by your computer system. However, when accessing your Login tab on Android, tapping an item will automatically open an in-app browser with the qualifications filled in, so you do not need to kind them manually.


SafeWallet is an excellent means of keeping your information safe and useful at the exact same time. Nevertheless, the application can be even better if a couple of additional attributes were offered. For instance, unlike other password managers, SafeWallet doesn’t have an option to take a snapshot of a credit card to either save it as an image or automatically decipher the info.

Also, in spite of its presence on numerous platforms, SafeWallet doesn’t have a specialized Mac or iPad application and doesn’t even offer a web-based version of its service. This makes it impossible to access your data from a Mac and especially unpleasant to see from an iPad, as you’d need to adhere to the iPhone app.


SafeWallet is among the very best password managers around. Not just is the application complimentary, instinctive, and filled with features, it also conserves all of your details online safely so it can be sync’ed with other gadgets. The web browser plugins are also of terrific included value, as they sync your passwords throughout platforms, without the have to utilize the same web browser.