Review: Jabra Motion

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Once in a while, a product turns up that reminds you just how remarkable digital technology can be. The Jabra Movement Bluetooth headset does simply that.

It integrates such a remarkable range of functionality into such a tiny device, you just have to admire what’s possible.

Put another means, it’s that Star Trip thing – the Jabra Motion is Lieutenant Uhura’s ear-dangling comms gadget productionised and offered to buy.

That’s not to share it’s distinct or even always does its designated task well. Several attires will do you a full-function Bluetooth headset.

Indeed, the crucial point is that you can have a Bluetooth headset for as little as ₤ 10– Amazon. co. uk will do you a Plantronics ML18 for simply that. The most standard variation of the Jabra Activity typically costs in excess of ₤ 60.

On paper, both that device and the Jabra Activity do the exact same fundamental job– allow you to connect to your mobile phone through Bluetooth for hands-free calls.

Question is, then, does the Jabra Motion’s certain function set and execution– its controls, its battery life, the quality of its noise cancellation– make it worth the price premium.

Jabra motion


Our review sample is the standard Jabra Movement. That means its a Bluetooth hands-free headset that’ll link to any Bluetooth-enabled phone for voice calls.

It’s physical controls for getting and ending calls, audio volume and mute. The micrphone itseld is on a flip-boom which functions as a power switch for the entire device.

Thanks to an extendable, swiveling ear piece, it’s likewise adjustable for size and can be worn on both left and right ears.

Jabra Motion

Digital functions begin with activity and environment-sensitive sound canceling. It also sports voice control both natively and with particular handsets.

That means you’ve voice control of a number of the Jabra’s own functions. But you can also utilize the complete voice control of your handset with the headset. For example, you can access Apple’s Siri voice control on iPhones with the headset.

The Jabra Activity likewise has a couple of other neat frills, such as utilizing its activity sensor to immediately address calls when you select it up.

If this is the entry-level version, other versions include bonus like a USB Bluetooth adapter to permit you to link to PCs and support for Unified Communications (UC) which will be appealing to corporate users.


Call quality, that’s surely among the biggies for any Bluetooth headset and on our website the Jabra Motion scores rather heavily.

Exactly exactly what goes into the noise canceling tech, we are unsure. But completion result is impressive suppression of car sound. If you did not currently know someone was calling you in-car and on the step with the Activity, you most likely would not think.

And that was with our test car which is a relatively noise cabriolet with a textile roofing. That shared, the audio quality for the receiver is a little thin. However if you don’t desire individuals to instantly understand you are on the road, the Movement gets the job done.

As it happens, the sound quality for the Jabra Activity user is a little skinny, too. You don’t notice this much in calls. But it’s evident if you try to hear music with the ear piece.

Not that you’ll likely want to use it as a single-ear wireless earphone. But it does expose the basic quality of the audio of offer. And it’s mediocre.

The other significant element of the user experience is ease of use which’s a tale of wins and losses for the Activity. The least rewarding element is physical fit.

The Jabra movement is adjustable and also configurable for both ears. However we found accomplishing a comfortable, steady fit difficult to achieve.

That’s compounded if you use glasses where the Movement and the arm of your glasses compete for space and stability atop your ear.

Jabra Motion

However, we are all various shapes and sizes so our recommendations here is clear. Attempt prior to you purchase. The Movement is not badly made, it’s adjustable and it may fit you extremely perfectly.

The remainder of the usability bundle, nevertheless, is far more effective. Initial setup and syncing is a cinch, as is accepting and ending calls. Ditto volume modification and accessing extra features. It all works very efficiently certainly.

The voice control function is an included benefit and indicates you can have complete access to your contacts on the move and hands-free. In our screening, there was no detectable loss of precision of Apple’s Siri voice control when on the move and using the Motion as a user interface.

Battery life is likewise good. Much will depend upon use. But Jabra asserts seven hours chat time which seems practical.

The bottom line is that you desire the gadget to last a day on a single charge and so long as you do not invest actually every moment on calls, we reckon you’ll get just that.


If you invest a great deal of time plying the UK’s highways and byways, a Bluetooth headset is undoubtedly a helpful solution. Some will like a handsfree system plumbed into their car audio system.

However, a headset has the benefit of not requiring any fitting and can be used anywhere– in and out of any car. It’s in that context the Jabra Motion must be judged– compared leading other headsets, not as compared to an incorporated alternative.

We liked

Broadly, the Jabra Motion is very simple to set up and use. Initial syncing is a doddle and after that, operation couldn’t truly be much easier.

We were also impressed by the noise canceling, which does a good task of masking automobile noise for those receiving your calls. Battery life is another plus. All-day operation appears realistic from our screening.

We disliked

It’s not inexpensive for a Bluetooth headset, that’s for sure. We also found it ergonomically a little difficult. If you wear glasses, we strongly advise you try the Jabra Motion prior to you get to be sure of a comfy, steady fit.

Final verdict

For some people, the sight of any Bluetooth headset yells “sales rep”. We can barely hold that versus Jabra Movement. We can just judge it according to its remit and by that metric it’s mostly a success.

Only our reservations concerns really wearing and the physical fit of the device avoid it from scoring higher. However overall, it’s a quality little kit that mainly justifies its premium pricing.