How to turn off keyboard clicks on an iPhone or iPad iPhone/iPad tip: How to turn off (annoying?) keyboard clicks

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Had sufficient of those ‘click, clickity-click click’ seems whenever you kind on the iPhone’s (or iPad’s) touchscreen keypad?

Personally, all those clicks begin to drive me a little batty after a text or two.

One quick option is to silence your iOS gadget by flicking the ‘mute’ switch simply above the volume controls, but doing this muzzles all your system and app sounds, not simply the keyboard.

iPhone Keyboard Clicks setting 300x181 iPhone/iPad tip: How to turn off (annoying?) keyboard clicks

You can silence the keyboard on your iOS device by tweaking a single setup.

Luckily, there’s a basic setting that will keep the iPhone’s (or, again, the iPad’s) keypad quiet without silencing your whole smartphone in the process.

Here’s how…

  • Tap Settings, then Sounds.
  • Scroll all the means to the extremely bottom of the screen, then flick the Keyboard Clicks readying to ‘off.’

Now, go ahead and tap out a brand-new text or e-mail message– and when you do, you’ll hear nothing however the sweet sound of silence.

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