So you may have been tempted to believe that the iPhone X isn’t a lot various on the within from the iPhone 8 Plus other than that elegant OLED screen and the new Face ID face recognition modern technology, however iFixit’s new apple iphone X teardown reveals how wrong you’d be.

The team’s devastation of the brand-new tool discloses a whole brand-new world, an Earth X that looks much unlike the Apple phone we’ve understood in numerous iterations for years. 

Some brand-new components are anticipated, such as the front-facing movement sensing unit (which is obviously very easy to get rid of), however iFixit exposed that Apple carefully made it so you wouldn’t have to replace the sensing unit along with the glass if you split the screen. Good idea, as well, as iPhone X repair services are already absurdly expensive.

The battery is additionally fairly simple to change, although iFixit uncovered that Apple essentially divided it right into two cells so about make better usage of space. It will certainly still appear as one piece when you eliminate it, though. In other places, Apple made the Lightning port more powerful in a welcome effort making it last longer.

Defying logic

The most fascinating new element, though, is the logic board. It’s just about 70% of the dimension of the motherboard discovered in the apple iphone 8 Plus, a feat Apple achieved by using both sides of the board. Or, extra precisely, it’s a single logic board that’s basically been folded up over and firm together.


As a result, it’s not just 30% smaller than what you discover in the iPhone 8 Plus, however Apple likewise took care of to cram in 35% more components. 

As iFixit says with noticeable adoration, the “density of adapters as well as components is unprecedented.” Evaluated ounce for ounce, the group says, “even an Apple Watch has more bare board.”

Oh, and make you don’t break that rather glass back that permits wireless charging. If you do, iFixit states, “you’ll be eliminating every element and replacing the whole chassis.” 


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