There’s a really excellent possibility the apple iphone 8 and also iPhone X launch won’t include Qualcomm, Apple’s business-partner-turned-legal-opponent in 2017.

It makes the modem chips in some versions of the apple iphone 7 and apple iphone 7S And also, but currently it’s simply making (and throwing) color at Apple for its lack of innovation.

There are 20 mobile phone attributes Qualcomm introduced that Apple can’t take credit rating for, according to the not-so-unveiled intent of a list by Francisco Cheng, Qualcomm’s Supervisor of Technical Marketing.

While it doesn’t mention Apple by name, the timing makes the factor for the list fairly evident, especially as Apple is suing Qualcomm (as well as they’re filing a claim against back) for declared unjust patent charges. 

iPhone 8 shade

So what’s on the list? Qualcomm presented quickly billing, an OLED screen, a waterproof touch-screen and also a 4K screen on a phone. All are audio arguments.

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Apple is just now getting to OLED screens and most likely doesn’t requirement 2K screens nevermind 4K. It’s also regarding to catch up with its very own apple iphone enhanced reality option for iphone 11 as well as present a bezel-less design on the iPhone 8.

Qualcomm is likewise taking credit for iris scanning and also face recognition – the latter point Apple may one-up provided its rumored sophisticated 3D face-scanning innovation that’s expected to be in the iPhone 8. Also, the Note 8 face recognition is troublesome at best.

We haven’t seen a fingerprint-under-the-display modern technology job beyond restricted demonstrations, though Qualcomm’s includes this as one its points. This may be its best point in the future, but wrong now. Hopeful thinking.

Fair on unfair?

Qualcomm has actually looked into and established a lot of important modern technology. It’s a very early leader amongst mobile phone trendsetters. Yet it’s not 100% correct here

Qualcomm is a very early pioneer amongst mobile phone trendsetters. But it’s not 100% right here.

For example, it independently mentions Mobile HDR Premium, Ultra HD Costs playback, Netflix HDR and HDR instead of covering all of that very closely relevant that technology right into one point. It’s imitating an university student attempting to three-way space their means into lengthening a research paper. Good try.

It also doesn’t take the high quality of the modern technology into mind. The Lenovo Phab Pro 2 wasn’t the best phone (it was large and also often friend) and Google appears to have actually moved away from Job Tango with the introduction of ARCore, a totally different increased reality initiative. Apple will certainly add AR to its iPhone collection, new and a little old. 

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Features like digital 5.1 border sound audio speakers, a 4K screen and a bezel-less style could be discovered on Android phones and are great – but are on various gadgets. That … doesn’t truly aid anyone completely.

Apple might not have been the very first to this innovation, however it does typically introduce the best. And sometimes it’s with Qualcomm’s help.

iPhone launch events haven’t actually provided us something that wows us in the last couple of years. This will transform with the iPhone 8 launch, and now Qualcomm’s the just one not liking it very much.