New apple iphone versions typically bring with them an array of new shades, however Apple has confirmed that the brand-new apple iphone 8 and apple iphone 8 Plus will can be found in just three shades.

None of the shades are especially various to what you’d expect from Apple, but we’ve included the three alternatives listed below to assist you determine which hue to decide for.

This has been a staple shade for the iPhone for quite time as well as Apple kept it for the apple iphone 8.  

This is simply basic black, there’s no Jet Black option for the iPhone 8 as the phone currently has a glass back, as opposed to the steel of the apple iphone 7. It’s rarely the most exciting shade, however black is typically among the most prominent, as it’s smart and understated.

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The silver version of the apple iphone first released all the way back on the iPhone 5, and considering half the individuals we see appear to be walking with phones that color we believe this will be a preferred color for the iPhone 8.

As with black it’s a stylish shade that suits most designs and never ever really heads out of fashion.


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If you desire your phone to stand out you may intend to choose the bling-tastic gold iPhone 8, which is just one of the boldest shades on any type of iPhone ever. 

It provides the apple iphone 8 as well as iPhone 8 Plus an arguably a lot more premium appearance compared to the black as well as silver shades do, yet its fancy look suggests it won’t be for everyone.

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