iPhone 5S release date set for Sept. 20? T-Mobile workers' holiday plans shelved

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The next-generation iPhone smartphone(s) could go on sale on Sept. 20, if reports recommending T-Mobile employees in the U.S. have been denied pause during that weekend prove exact.

The U.S.-based Tmo Information internet site stated the mobile network has actually shut out off Sept. 20-22 (a Friday, Saturday and Sunday) as vacation-free times for its in-store workers.

With the iPhone 5S and perhaps the iPhone 5C most likely readying for a Sept. 10 unveiling, that prospective launch date 10 days later on definitely plays into Apple’s previous type.

The business always sees iPhones launch on a Friday, for much the same reason Hollywood motion pictures come out on the same day – to profit weekend sales and afterwards flaunt about the figures come Monday.

Plastic fantastic

Meanwhile, speaking of the iPhone 5C, Apple is shopping around for a top class plastics man, most likely to manage its less-premium range of iOS devices.

According to the uploading on the Apple jobs website, the company is aiming to work with an “experienced plastic products engineer” who can “lead the development of new plastic products and procedures. “

The effective candidate will deal with the iPhone/iPad products team and have reponsibilities connecting to the visual and cosmetic qualities of the gadgets.

The business is extensively expect to introduce a more budget-friendly, attempt we state economical, iPhone 5C with a plastic case, as a means of taking on emerging markets.

Judging by this job publishing, it appears the company’s work in that area will be an expanding concern as it looks for to ideal new products for the more budget-focused devices.