The iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 are absolutely the most popular phones of 2013. Both of them have different benefits and drawbacks. If you haven’t yet chosen which is right for you, read this quick overview of what makes both cellphones cool in their own means:

iPhone 5 VS Samsung Galaxy S4: Which One Is Better?

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The pros of iPhone 5:

  • The display is 4 inches long, which makes it simpler to manage than the Samsung Galaxy S4 with it’s 4.99 inch display.
  • 34 GB and 64 GB models are available.
  • It’s Apple: making phone calls, establishing contacts and utilizing standard features is so simple that even a monkey could handle an iPhone.
  • It weighs less, is smaller and sits much better in your wallet.
  • It’s iOS 6.

The pros of the Samsung Galaxy S4:

  • Watching films on a 4.99 inch screen makes the experience a lot much better.
  • It permits you to use memory cards, which iPhone does not.
  • It uses Sony’s newest 13-megapixel sensor, so images and videos come out great.
  • The price, without a contract, is substantially cheaper than that of the iPhone 5.
  • The pixel density is 441, and the iPhone 5′s is only 326.

It’s difficult to make the right choice when it concerns cellphones. You never truly understand exactly what you like until you’ve had it for a while. Hopefully we’ve actually made your wager a little easier and notified you with these benefits and drawbacks.

Personally, I choose the iPhone 5 over the Samsung Galaxy S4, since I like Apple and I choose iOS over Android. Nonetheless, it’s an extremely hard concern since it’s certain that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has numerous benefits over the latest iPhone. If you’re an Android follower, I certainly advise the Galaxy S4.