Sure, all the news out of Apple’s campus today had to do with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, however the iPad 5 is anticipated to be close behind with a similar launch event in October.

With ideal timing, the Fifth generation tablet is said to be featured in more than 100 brand-new high-resolution photos, some of which compare the iPad 4 to the alleged iPad 5.

The pictures, by known Apple product leaker Sonny Dickson, depict the supposed iPad 5 from all angles, matching the shell design we saw in a previous video leakage.

The expected new iPad looks significantly smaller than the current iPad 4, taking hints from the iPad mini while still keeping the exact same 9.7-inch display of a full-sized tablet.

iPad 5 fingerprint sensor

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iPad 5 fingerprint sensor?

Now that Apple has actually revealed the iPhone 5S with the latest features like the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, the concern is whether or not the new iPad is visiting receive the exact same therapy.

Dickson’s current batch of pictures include the casing and the front panel of the unconfirmed iPad 5, so without the new house button present, there is not really much space to speculate.

History has taught us that the new iPad doesn’t always launch with the most recent and biggest features consisted of in the iPhone.

For example, Siri made its launching with the iPhone 4S, but it hadn’t been till the iPhone 5 introduced the next year that Apple’s voice-activated assistant made its method to the iPad 3, too.

As the next Apple event, thought to be in October, draws closer and everyone’s focus on the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C subsides, we should find out more about the business’s next tablets.