windows mobile phoneTired of repeatedly tapping your street address, your job title, or common phrases like “on my means” or “you there?” on your apple iphone or Android phone?

If so, excellent news. Both iOS as well as Android gadgets will let you produce your own, custom-made key-board faster ways for … well, nearly anything.

Once you’ve fine-tuned the ideal setups, you can ask “you there?” in a text by just touching, state, “yt”. You could additionally rouse your road address, your authorities title, or a contact number in merely a couple of keystrokes.

Here’s how to do it…

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On an iPhone (or iPad):

  • Tap Setups, General, Keyboard, Text Substitute, then tap the ‘+’ button in the top-right edge of the screen.
  • In the empty close to “Expression,” enter (for instance) “You there?” Then, in the Faster way part, tap in the letters “u” and also “t.”
  • Tap the “Save” switch. All done!

Let’s provide our new faster way a shot. Visit Messages, compose a new message, and also that touch “ut.” Your brand-new “You there?” shortcut ought to appear in the strip of auto-correct tips along the top of the keypad. Press the room bar or a punctuation mark to accept.

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On an Android device:

  • Tap Setups, Language and Input, “Individual thesaurus,” then choose a language or choose the ‘For all languages’ option. (Note: the specific settings might vary relying on the make as well as version of your Android phone.)
  • Tap the “+” check in the top-right edge of the screen, after that get in the word or phrase (like “on my way”) you wish to make a shortcut for.
  • Next, type a brief, easy-to-remember shortcut into the ‘Faster way’ field, for instance, “omw” for “on my means.”
  • Tap the Back key, and also that you’ll see an access for the faster way you simply included. Desire to add even more shortcuts? Tap the “+” indication again.

Now, visit, claim, the Gmail app, comprise a new message, and also touch among your new faster ways– as well as when you do, the phrase you went into will show up in the row of auto-correct options just above the keyboard. Touch the phrase to put it to your message.