windows mobile phoneAnyone intend to play ‘Where’s Waldo?’ with the Shuffle and also Repeat buttons on the lately upgraded Songs application for iOS? Nope, I really did not assume so, however appears like we’ll have to anyway.

As part of their endless tinkering with the Songs application for apple iphone and iPad (an application that I have actually been using less and much less as it obtains a growing number of complex), the huge minds at Apple made a specifically confounding decision: they concealed the Shuffle and also Repeat switches from the apple iphone’s primary music playback screen.

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Just to be clear, there is still a noticeable ‘Shuffle All’ switch on, state, a cd or musician track listing. But if you begin playing a tune and you make the error of opening the primary songs gamer, you’ll see playback switches, a development bar, a download switch and an ‘AirPlay’ button (which lets you stream tunes to an Apple TELEVISION), but no Shuffle or Repeat buttons.

Where did the Shuffle and also Repeat controls go, then?

Well, turns out you must swipe up to reveal the Shuffle and also Repeat switches, along with a listing of upcoming ‘Up Next’ tracks.

Yep, rather irritating– and also I’ll bet the Shuffle and Repeat controls will certainly be hiding someplace else once the following major iphone upgrade rolls around.