iOS 7 vs Android

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It was Apple’s day to reveal us brand-new innovation with the UI upgrade of iOS. Many of us Android followers laughed at how remarkably those were similar to Android. Despite how you feel about whom copied who, the truth of the issue is that it’ll benefit customers as Apple’s mobile OS is now upgraded from the 2007 look with skeuomorphic design aspects of faux leather, brushed steel and wood grain to a more flat, clear and modern visual … It’s Stunning! Though we can’t withstand the temptation of offering you a side-by-side comparison of the major attributes in a struggle of iOS 7 vs Android!

Control Center

Yeah … it’s laborious to shut off WiFi & Bluetooth, or control screen brightness on an iPhone or iPad without digging into the Settings app. The new Control Facility uses a gesture swipe from the bottom upward to evoke aforementioned setups plus control songs, AirDrop, AirPlay, quick access to apps like flashlight and camera and more. We see much of that on Android’s alert window, however a two finger slide down of the same window exposes more. The design differs slightly if your phone maker includes custom software application atop it.

Notification Center

Okay … Okay … we know it was torn from Android origins back in the iOS 6 upgrade but now they can be accessed from the lock screen. All that it requires now are the features to swipe away and broaden specific notices, plus actions.


Very the same as defunct WebOS, iOS 7 now offers much better application multitasking. Expanding on their sub-menu of icons, rather of long-pressing an icon then pressing the minus button to dismiss, you can simply swipe up to remove an app.

iTunes Radio

The tech interwebs have been buzzing this report turned reality for some time now. iTunes Radio is comparable to Pandora by streaming music stations based upon an artist/genre. It’s ad-supported however goes ad-free for subscribers of their iTunes Match service. At I/O Google updated their Play Music app to do the same thing, stations developed based on artist/genre, find new songs with suggestions, endless song streaming- as a free 30-day trial in the UNITED STATE with $7.99 month-to-month subscription.


There’s no contest below with the new grouping organization of iOS 7 … it’s sweet! Images are immediately organized by date and area. You’ve to download an app to get this functionality with Android. Google choose to include their photo improvements to Google+. These consist of the ability to upload & backup full high resolution photos in the cloud with though with a bump to 15GB of storage merged with Drive, it instantly enhances flicks by using filters of the pros to them called Auto Enhance, it can highlight the very best of a group of your pictures Auto Highlight. Include this Apple and you are on your means!


AirDrop enables simple cordless sending of photos to a contact or anybody close by. It was teased at the unveiling keynote that you do not have to bother bumping phones, referring to how you can send out photos, videos, photos, websites and more with 2 NFC enabled Androids. Yes, this can be finicky sometimes however there’s also the comparable feature using WiFi Direct the Droid had since version 4.


The brand-new camera is cool, it’s a 4-in-1 functional camera of video, photo, square photo and filter options al a Instagram and scenic camera. Merely slide through the numerous modes to get there. Android’s default camera only has a slide to preview the last snap. Kudos Apple!


Flipping through tabs on the brand-new Safari apps is cool. Just like the Aero feature in Windows pcs, it’s a lot more hipster than Chrome … though I still personally pick Chrome over any of the various other leading internet browser apps.


Siri has more Twitter & Wikipedia integration and even provides a good-looking male voice to compliment the female voice. We can go back and forth on Siri versus Google Now for a year … however I need to point out searches are defaulted to Bing.


The brand-new mail app is slick and very little, similar to the brand-new Outlook.


The weather condition now reveals a simulation of the actual temperature level in your area or those browsed … takes a page from the playbook of the Beautiful Widgets app for Android.


If you haven’t seen … translucency is a staple of design all through the brand-new iOS UI. And a gorgeous addition to the keyboard, hence chats are blurred and faintly seen under it. Apple states this is context conscious design. Gone are the green/blue bubbles replaced by flat- modern-day chat bubbles.

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