Put down the chopsticks and take a look at this fascinating little side-scrolling puzzle game from a solo indie designer. The game is currently called Disturbance and is gathering quite a positive feedback from anybody who’s seen it.

In essence and on the surface, Disturbance is a 2D stealth platformer. However, the environment can be manipulated to gain a benefit over the adversaries and sneak past them unseen. It’s in fact a truly cool idea, practically much like Dwarven Delve, but more difficult. The game wants to control well on touchscreen devices as you walk around making use of directional buttons and manipulate the environment by tapping to move tiles around.


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At the minute, the graphics looks easy but really rather. As you can picture, the game will be arrived a futuristic metropolis. The developer claims that there will be over 30 levels to slip around with narrative aspects inside and outside.

According to a post by the developer, the game is targeting a release on Android, iOS, Windows and OSX. No date is given though, but the designer has specified that he didn’t want to invest much time working with the game. I’ve no idea if that bodes well for the quality, however if it looks like it’s now and measures up to its claims, then there ought to not be any reason to question that this will be fun head-scratcher.