In Depth: How to make the ultimate Story Album photobook with the S4

The threat of the digital-age is that the extraordinary photos we take live on our phones and electronic cameras till the end of time.

Samsung knows this, which is why the Samsung GALAXY S4 has such a sensational, Full HD Super AMOLED display determining 5-inches– definitely best for showing off your snaps.

Some photos, nevertheless, are entitled to something special, something a bit more refined than just a bunch of digital images. In some cases, it behaves to have a book of pictures, one you can share digitally, or quickly have actually printed.

Meet the Story Cd app on the Samsung GALAXY S4

1. Take images on your GALAXY S4

Samsung GALAXY S4 Story Album

The initial step to producing a spectacular Story Album is to utilize striking images. The GALAXY S4 sets you up well, with its 13-megapixel sensor and a variety of clever shooting modes.

Choose Drama shot for movement captured in a still, or HDR for a deep, climatic shot.

2. Import images to your GALAXY S4

Samsung GALAXY S4 Story Album

Pictures do not have to have been handled your GALAXY S4 to make it into an image cd.

In reality, if you are lucky adequate to have a pro-sumer camera like the Samsung EX2F, you can import photos taken on it to your Samsung GALAXY S4, either utilizing a cloud service like Dropbox, by placing your electronic camera memory card into your GALAXY S4 or transferring the images utilizing your PC.

This is a wonderful way to instill your Story Albums with blurred backgrounds and sluggish shutter speed shots you can just truly attain with luxury, committed cameras.

3. Choose your theme

Samsung GALAXY S4 Story Album

The versatility of the Story Cd app comes in the form of its styles. With 6 in total amount, chances are, you’ll find one that represents the pictures you have got.

Collage is a light, breezy theme which fades photos into others, the Scene style is a cool, gridded photo book while Scrapbook is enjoyable, with a home made look and feel.

The Gridded style is clean and slightly more formal, Puzzle puts photos in hexagons and positions them throughout the page for a novel look, while the last style, Snap shot floats pictures in the center of the page, offering high quality snaps the space they’re entitled to.

4. Choose and modify your front cover

Samsung GALAXY S4 Story Album

Once you pick your style, you can see a preview of your Story Album by tapping the front cover of your picture book preview. It’s worth keeping in mind, you’ll get to play with picture positions later, so do not get too weighed down with misalignment here.

To edit your front page, tap the option titled ‘Cover image’. This lets you pick which image to utilize for the cover. When you pick your image, you’ll be provided your very first possibility to reposition a photo.

Using easy finger dragging and pinch to zoom, you can frame your front cover to excellence. Offered the truth Story Album uses white text when overlaying images, it deserves choosing a cover shot with a dark location to lay behind it.

5. Caption pages

Samsung GALAXY S4 Story Album

Some pages will have text boxes displaying the date pictures were taken. These are acquired from the image’s metadata, so could be wrong or, even more to the point, mightn’t be the best use of that area.

If you’d rather place your own caption, or the correct date simply tap the text. This takes you with to a text entry field. Right here, you can compose whatever you desire– though keep in mind, long entries may be interrupted.

6. Edit cd for seeing on the S4

Samsung GALAXY S4 Story Album

Once your album is captioned, you can align your images for viewing on the Samsung GALAXY S4 in picture mode. If you are developing a Story Cd specifically to print, you may want to avoid to the next step.

When seeing Story Album in picture mode, single pages are shown, taking advantage of the whole screen. When viewing the app in landscape mode, Story Cd rather displays a two page spread, which is likewise the orientation made use of when printing your photobook.

To adjust a picture’s positioning, simply long-press it. This will then let you frame it by dragging it around or zooming into it. To shift its position, drag it where another picture sits– this swaps the two pictures’ positions.

You can likewise tap on a picture to add a covert caption. This won’t be visible when printing, however you can see it when thumbing with on the phone itself.

7. Edit album for printing

Samsung GALAXY S4 Story Album

Editing for printing is a similar affair to that described above, with just a number of caveats.

First of all, as with printing any bound book, there’s a portion in between the pages that’s interrupted. The rule of thumb for a graphic designer is ‘never ever place a face or text throughout a spread’, and you need to take heed. Heaven forbid, your Delighted Birthday was missing out on a B or your aunt Sheila was missing out on an eye!

The 2nd thing to note is that images that don’t have a border pack more punch. These images are exactly what’s called a ‘complete bleed’ images, and need to be chosen thoroughly to provide your Story Album that bit more oomph.

8. Viewing albums on S4

Samsung GALAXY S4 Story Album

Once you have edited your Story Album for your Samsung GALAXY S4, you may as well enjoy them to the max.

The coolest aspect of viewing Story Albums on your S4 is Air View. We mentioned ways to produce captions for specific pictures, hover over these images with Air View and these are displayed in a pop up bubble.

Tapping a photo will also show it off completely screen view, coupling standard photo seeing with a rich image album experience.

9. Order a photobook

Samsung GALAXY S4 Story Album

The terrific thing about the Story Cd app is that it’s a one-stop store. You can create a cd and have it printed without even turning on a computer or leaving your home.

To print a cd, simply open one up, tap the menu button and select ‘Order photo book’. The next step will certainly be to pick your size and cover kind. These include 5×5 or 7×7 paperback, or 7×7 hardback.

Priced around ₤ 8.20 to ₤ 19.50 for a 30 picture Story Album, the rest is handled by Blurb, the people who partnered with Samsung to produce this unbelievable app.

10. Exporting images

Samsung GALAXY S4 Story Album

Want to share your Story Cd by e-mail instead of, or in addition to printing? No issue.

Just open a cd you wish to share, tap the menu button, then select ‘Share by means of’. The next menu provides you with three choices– share image files of each of the pages, share a PDF document of all the pages or share a Story Cd file.

Sharing the pictures is the very best way to share particular pages, with the following menu prompting you to pick pages you wish to export. To share the entire cd, just select PDF file, and if you are sharing to another Samsung GALAXY S4, pick the ‘Story cd file’, or ‘. ssf’ choice.

The. ssf file is specifically fantastic as improved features like Air View easily accessible image captions are also supported.

There you’ve it – our leading suggestions for creating a sensational Story Cd– Samsung’s skillful combining of cutting edge tech with good old-fashioned scrapbooking.

Enjoy the app and make certain to look into our Samsung GALAXY S4 Cam Guide to get the best photos possible for your Story Albums.