The Google play store has a large selection of puzzle games to choose from. And there only those that truly gets your attention, and Impossible Lines is a puzzle game that deserves your attention. Please keep reading fellow players.

When you initially start the game you’ll be provided a short tutorial on exactly what to do, however you’re also playing the first 5 levels of the game. And when you’re done with the tutorial the training wheels come off and you’re on your own

The goal of Impossible Lines is simple, drag the green dot, to the target, that the multi-looking colored circle. Yeah that’s it, and well there a twist too. When you touch the screen to drag your green dot, the items you see on the display will vanish. So prior to you start dragging the green dot make certain to study where the items are, since if you do strike an item you’ll have to begin the level over. Not to stress the game isn’t as hard as it seems, and speaking of which Difficult Lines doesn’t have any music at all. The only sound you hear is a beeping sound which acts like a caution. When you’ll come in contact with an item you’ll hear the beeps go much faster. Now if you don’t like the sound of the beeps, you can mute you Android device and review the top right of the screen you’ll see a big red dot. When you do come in contact with an item the red dot will become smaller sized. And remember pay attention.


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There are only two power ups to help you out in this game. The first one acts like a flashlight, when you drag your green dot the flashlight will light up the item. And then you’ve the 2nd power-up, and how this works is when utilized, the items will be shown on the screen even as you drag the green dot, however be careful this power up just last for a couple of seconds, so utilize it sensibly. The power-ups act like a true blessing and a curse. When you do utilize them it acts like a true blessing and it use up coins to utilize them 15 coins for the flashlight and 10 for the second power-up (that’s menstruation) But you also do get coins for each level you pass.


Impossible Lines couldn’t have the very best looking graphics or sounds, but it’s a fantastic, enjoyable and addicting puzzle game to play particularly when you’re trying to consume time. This is a giveaway at the Google Play Store. Delighted Games Gamers