Ice Rage - crack the arena with multi-player Ice Hockey!

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Ice Rage is an enjoyable and interesting single and multi-player ice hockey game from developers HeroCraft. Play quick games, tournaments and against a pal in a frenzied and action-stuffed sports game. Games are one-on-one with your challenger so are really extremely rapid paced and controls simply require your thumbs, so it’s easy to play too! If ice hockey is your thing and are happy to compromise some realism in exchange for addicting gameplay, make certain to check this out

Price: $0.90 plus optional IAPs

Tested on: Nexus 4
Content Rating: Everyone

Pros & Cons:


  • Smooth graphics!
  • Single or multiplayer!
  • Funny characters!
  • Great sound and effects!


  • Very short life span.


Ice Rage is an adorable and highly usable ice hockey game from active Google Play Shop developers HeroCraft. You can play either against a variety of unusual characters or against a pal in frantic individualized hockey activity. There are several game options and difficulty levels as well as competitions to play through. You can pick different characters to play and while the aesthetic is a bit cartoony, the activity comes thick and fast.

Controls could not be less complex, on the left hand side there’s an on-screen thumb controller while on the left you’ve an action button. When in possession of the puck, the action button serves to shoot, the longer you push it the higher the power. When not in possession it works as an aggressive take on button. Managing your character on the ice can take a little practice- as can shooting, once you master the controls it’s a significant game to play.

I think the only issue I’d have about this, as a paid game, the durability of it. When you are over the novelty of the characters, the quirky-yet-fun gameplay and the tournaments … there’s very little delegated keep you playing. Perhaps a saving grace for the game is the multi-player mode, where you can bet friends, making use of the same gadget. Awkward on a phone, better on a tablet, the two-player mode is both fun and competitive.

Fun Factor:

If you enjoy sports games, in particular ice hockey, this is a delightful little romp that’s enjoyable to play, particularly against pals. The single player mode is really restricted nevertheless because, when you finish the tournaments, there’s not much for you.

I like the fact that there are numerous characters to have fun with and against, this provides the game a novelty factor which is good enjoyable too. You can spend for additional character packs (yes, the developer did simply make you pay for the game and now wants you to pay more, which is a bit of a put in the face) but these don’t make gameplay easier to boost the experience quite.


The game is addicting, once you learn the best ways to control your character properly and complete the brief tournaments, the game loses its fizz really rapidly.


Graphics are really crisp, characters cartoony however well produced. All the animations, menus and user interfaces are also effectively done.

Accelerometer, Vibration & Noise:

The game offers outstanding songs and sound effects makings the game feel far more engrossing.