Hundreds - relaxing and fiendishly addictive must-play game (5 Star Rated!)

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Hundreds is a superb puzzle game that challenges your coordination, timing, spacial awareness and persistence! It does all this while being fun, addictive and stress-free. Essentially you need to grow the size of your circles to reach 100 points. You expand them by pressing and holding on them. Nonetheless, they are usually moving about in some way and if they hit the side, an additional circle or any additional barriers, it’s game over. The game is basic to enjoy with over 100 various levels to complete.


Tested on: Nexus 4
Content Rating: Everyone

Pros & Cons:


  • Cool minimalist graphics!
  • Deliciously animated!
  • Great sound!
  • Plenty of levels!
  • Secret codes!


Hundreds is a minimalistic puzzle game where you need to achieve 100 points by pushing circles. If you can press your touchscreen you can play the game, it truly is that easy. You continue a circle and it’ll expand, accumulating points as it does. The moment you reach 100 points you finish the level. Nevertheless, with circle size growth comes the higher likelihood that it’ll clash with various other objects. If this occurs it’s game over.

The policies of each level get a little trickier as you advance, for instance some circles are connected and can only grow if you press and hold them at the same time. Moreover, there are bubbles, blades and various other obstacles which also occupy many levels and you’ve to be aware of these. Possibly the most challenging aspect is momentum. If circles are moving really rapidly, it can be very hard to hold them to start with, let alone preventing them from hitting various other circles while you do. Level 20 is specifically tough.

The app seriously challenges your spacial awareness and the reliability of your peripheral vision. Some levels need added ingenuity. The beauty of the app is each level is really different to the one that came prior to it. This indicates that every level is fresh and completing them is immediately gratifying. Undoubtedly they get tougher as you advance, but it’s altogether a very engaging experience.

While completely minimalistic in its design, it would be wrong to state the graphics are ‘basic’. While developed simplistically, the animations and motion of the circles are remarkably well crafted. This is more matched by the immersive sound and songs which resonates through the game. It’s among those things you ‘experience’ in lieu of just play and it’s the kind of superb experience you just don’t get extremely commonly with hand held puzzle games.

Lastly, I’ve to discuss the secret codes. After particular levels, you’re offered secret codes which need analyzing. Now, I have not invested much time trying to work these out, however the great people at PocketGamer have actually made some ground with the equivalent iOS codes. See exactly what you can discover and let’s know in the remarks below!

Fun Factor:

The enjoyable factor is extremely high. It’s fantastic when you finish a difficult level and get to take on the next. It’s enjoyable when you find brand-new functions.


The game is massively addictive and certainly something I’ll be playing for some weeks to come. I think if you combine the tormentingly engaging gameplay with the rich ambient sound (plug your earbuds in), it’s a game that’s incredibly hard to leave but so exceptionally casual if you’ve the’ll power.


As mentioned above the graphics are simply developed however incredibly animated. Hundreds absolutely has a really high quality feel to it (as you ‘d get out of a game you pay for).

Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:

The sound is outstanding. Initially scored, it’s a lovely ambient and mesmerising- which completely compliments the gameplay. It also makes the game surprisingly relaxing and a fantastic method to loosen up.