A new Android Humble Package has gone on sale, this time showcasing 7 top and should play titles. But I’ll let you boil a bit more prior to I share the name of the games and inform you that the Humble Bundle with Android 6 as this is its complete name, enables you to pay as much or as little as you wish to for the games. If you pay at least as much as the average price, you get two additional games.

At the moment the typical price for the Humble Package with Android 6 is $4.66, which is a lot less than you ‘d pay to buy a single game otherwise.

humble bundle with android

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And I think you’re red hot from the boiling steam now, so we can share with you the 7 titles readily available in the Humble Package for Android 6, with the last two being the ones you get if you pay above the average:

– Aquaria by Bit Blot
– Fractal, Make Blooms by Cipher Prime Studios
– Organ Path: Director’s Cut by The Guy Who Put on Numerous Hats
– Stealth Bastard Deluxe by Curve Studios
– Pulse by Cipher Prime Studios
– Frozen Synapse by Mode 7 Games
– Broken Sword: Director’s Cut by Transformation Software

As if this wasn’t good information enough, there’s more: all the games except for Pulse likewise offer you the COMPUTER or Mac version for the exact same price. Pretty remarkable, heh?

Make sure to look into the official Humble Package site to obtain this one while it lasts!