The formal launching of the HTC 10 is merely days away, but the phone manufacturer isn’t really done flaunting every last facet of it. Today, HTC needed to Twitter once again to expose one more item of the HTC 10 puzzle: battery.

The current tweet reads: “Our engineers are so stressed w/ battery life we have actually transformed it right into a scientific research. You’ll feel it. 4/12. #powerof 10”. Unlike the various other micro-announcements, this one consisted of a video that you could watch below.

The teaser does a great task of doing merely that: teasing. However in terms of just what the actual battery of the HTC 10 will offer, not much was stated apart from “we work insane long hrs to ensure that your phone will, also.” A normal work day has to do with 8 hrs, so a crazy long job day is, I ‘d say, 12 to 14 hours.

Will it last that long? Not sure, but we’ll most definitely be stress-testing it for our complete review.

Tease, after tease, after tease, after …

Holy moly, is HTC hyping the heck out of this phone, or what? It’s an appealing technique, specifically when you compare it to the likes of various other firms. Take into consideration Apple, for example. There are usually a lot of reports coming via, yet not a peep from the firm itself.

Others, like Samsung and Sony, will frequently discuss an unclear taster the day prior to an expose, however absolutely nothing that distributes excessive.

HTC’s approach to dish out near-weekly teases is unconventional, yet it isn’t really totally unusual. It needs to confirm to you (and also me) that it still has just what it takes to suspended with the pack of other front runner mobile phones using an unsatisfactory HTC One M9 release.

HTC will reveal the HTC 10 following week and we’ll be reporting the real-time event along on April 12 at 5AM PT/8AM ET/1PM GMT. Keep tuned adhering to the introduction for our review.

But I have an additional concern: which kind of technique are you more a fan of when it comes to an item release? Do you like the slow and also constant drip feed of teases for the HTC 10? Or, do you prefer to companies to keep points absolutely under wraps up until a one-and-done disclose? Cast your vote. I’m truly interested to see just what you think.