iOS is a remarkable OS for those who want things to work. However, there are some truly discouraging facets to the OS which can really be a correct discomfort. As a tech writer, one of the features I find most aggravating is the inability to transfer images from my iPhone without needing to go with the long procedure of syncing the device with iTunes.

How To Transfer Files Wirelessly From your iPhone to PC using Home Wi-Fi

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If you’ve used any smartphone, you need to have used it for capturing almost any moment that might seem to be too crucial to lose out on. Nonetheless, bringing those images to a PC is as simple as connecting the gadget the device through a USB if the device is running Android or even Windows Phone. For iOS though, you can link your iPhone directly to COMPUTER and use as USB. However, if you’re on a Mac chances are your iPhone won’t be recognized and you’ll be stuck once again.

So right here is a little work around where you can use your home Wi-Fi and a free of cost application to wirelessly move images from your iPhone to your computer system, be it Mac or Windows.

Download the Magic Application

The application you’ll require for transferring the photos from your iDevice directly is called W-Fi Image Transfer. The application is offered totally free in the Apple App Shop, the download link is as follows:

Download: Wi-Fi Picture Transfer readily available for Download right here

You can utilize this application to just move pictures from your iPhone to COMPUTER and not the other way round, so do keep that in mind

How do I do this Transfer?

To transfer the pictures over Wi-Fi just follow these easy steps:

Step 1: 

Install the above application we’ve actually mentioned to your iPhone and make sure your iPhone and computer system are both linked to the exact same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2:

Fire open the application on your iPhone. You’ll see an instruction telling you get in a certain URL in your desktop computer web browser. Go on and do that, as this will enable you to establish a connection between the mobile gadget and your COMPUTER.

How To Transfer Files Wirelessly From your iPhone to PC using Home Wi-Fi

Step 3:

As soon as you check out the web page, you’ll see the entire set of pictures present on your device.

You can open the images one by one and download them. You can download pictures together as a zip file too.

How To Transfer Files Wirelessly From your iPhone to PC using Home Wi-Fi

The UI and Performance

The UI of the application on the desktop is actually easy and easy on the eye. There’s virtually absolutely nothing else apart from moving that you can do. We kind of like that because there’s absolutely nothing to obtain perplexed with. Things work well and the transfer is actually quickly.

How To Transfer Files Wirelessly From your iPhone to PC using Home Wi-Fi

You also have the option of downloading the photo in numerous sizes and that’s something we actually suched as since you don’t necessarily require an HQ image everywhere, for this reason you can download slightly smaller size and even medium size of the exact same image.


Using Wi-Fi Photo Transfer, you can easily transfer images using with the assistance of wi-fi network. You can not compose back on your iPhone which is basically the only gripe we’d with the application in otherwise, exactly what was a seamless and smooth experience.

How To Transfer Files Wirelessly From your iPhone to PC using Home Wi-Fi

Although there are a number of other apps that can be utilized for this transfer, we utilized this technique considering that it was complimentary and simplest to do. If you’ve any ideas or alternatives, do let’s know in the comments section below.