Hot-rod red Lumia 1520 revs its engines in Twitter photo leak

The Nokia Lumia 1520 appeared today in yet another leaked picture, this time in a bright hot-rod red.

Well-known Twitter leakster @ evleaks came through once again on this one after publishing a leaked press shot of the yellow Lumia 1520 in early September.

Like that picture, today’s leak featured a brief but factoid-focused caption: ‘Nokia Lumia 1520, in red, 2013,’ evleaks tweeted.

The tip for a 2013 Lumia 1520 release date matches what the source formerly asserted, as well as our expectations of an Oct. 22 Lumia 1520 launch.

Evleaks Lumia 1520

Here’s the deal

Previous reports hinted at a Sept. 26 disclose for the Lumia 1520, however the device was apparently delayed until Oct. 22.

That delay could’ve been caused by Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia’s device company.

The Lumia 1520 is thought to be the biggest Windows Phone handset yet, with a display that might come in at a full six inches.

The Windows Phone phablet has been found in previous image leakages, a few of which compared it to other, smaller sized devices to flaunt the Lumia 1520’s considerable bulk.

There’s not been much word in terms of the phone’s other specifications, though it’s not anticipated to bring a 41-megapixel cam like the Lumia 1020.

Instead it might’ve a still-powerful 20-megapixel cam. A quad-core Qualcomm processor is likewise rumored.

Expect for more information about the Lumia 1520 this month – that’s barring any more delays, of course.