The Honor 8 Pro has actually just recently launched, yet the next phoned number entrance in Huawei’s spin-off range could be simply months away.

Already dripped photos are giving us an idea of what to anticipate, and also you’ll locate them below together with our professional analysis.

We’ll likewise be certain to bring you any new reports and information regarding the Honor 9 as quickly as we hear any, yet in the meanwhile we’ve create a wish checklist of the five points we most want from the phone. Check it out listed below as well as allow us understand if you agree.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The next Honor handset
  • When is it out? Possibly July
  • What will it cost? Maybe around $400/£370/AU$530

Honor 9 release date and price

So far there aren’t any release day reports for the Honor 9, yet phones have the tendency to adhere to a yearly routine, so considered that the Honor 8 launched in July 2016 there’s a good chance we’ll see the Honor 9 in or around July of this year.

That’s quickly, however the Honor 7 likewise had a July launch, and dripped images apparently showing the Honor 9 suggest it’s almost finished, so it’s a credible period. Though considered that the Honor 8 Pro has only just hit shops it’s feasible that Huawei will wait a bit much longer this year.

As for the price, there’s every chance that will resemble the Honor 8’s, putting the Honor 9 at around $399/£369 (roughly AU$ 530), though that would put it in the slightly strange position of being more affordable than the £474.99 (around $590, AU$ 770) Honor 8 Pro.

Honor 9 news and rumors

There isn’t much Honor 9 news yet, yet two various pictures have actually leaked out, revealing us the phone from front and back in both blue and also silver.

From these we can see that it’s got a comparable style to the Honor 8 (though strangely an extremely different appearance to the Honor 8 Pro) with a shiny, reflective glass back and likely a metal frame.

Like the Honor 8, there’s also a dual-lens video camera on the back with a dual-LED flash.

There’s no word on exactly what spec it is, however we’d picture it will certainly a minimum of match the Honor 8’s 12MP one as well as will probably function in similarly, with one color sensor as well as the other grayscale (black and also white), allowing you to incorporate image information from them both for even more light and sharper shots.

The major difference from the Honor 8 comes in the form of the fingerprint scanner, which right here gets on the front of the phone listed below the display, while the Honor 8 had it on the back.

Honor 9: what we want to see

Although we don’t understand much about the Honor 9 yet we understand exactly what we want from it. These 5 points top our wish list.

1. Better software


However good Huawei and Honor’s hardware is it’s always a little pull down by the Feeling UI software the firm uses.

Its biggest fault is the lack of an application cabinet, however it additionally divides the alert shade in 2, to no discernible benefit, and has the tendency to include an abundance of bloat.

We’d love to see all this taken care of for the software’s outing on the Honor 9. Or better yet, for Emotion UI to be dumped entirely instead of stock Android, yet that’s little bit much more compared to hopeful thinking.

2. Optical image stabilization

For a top mid-range phone the Honor 8 has a solid camera, which sticks out with its added lens, yet neither it neither the Honor 8 Pro have optical photo stabilization, as well as including this would certainly help keep shots smooth as well as steady.

It’s not something we always anticipate from a mid-range mobile, but also for the video camera to continue to be a key stamina of the Honor variety it’s an addition that would truly help.

3. Water resistance


The Honor 9 is expected to adhere to in the steps of the Honor 8 with a shiny, captivating glass finish. It’s a great appearance, particularly for a phone that’s not a flagship, yet while the looks are sorted the longevity can be boosted, particularly when it concerns water as well as dust resistance, as the Honor 8 has none.

We’d like to see some waterproofing contributed to the Honor 9, particularly as this is coming to be a significantly usual smartphone feature, though considered that also the Huawei P10 doesn’t have any we wouldn’t hold our breath.

4. Stereo sound

Although the Honor 8 has a good choice of specifications it doesn’t have good sound, with just a single unimpressive speaker.

For the Honor 9 we’d like to see – or hear – stereo audio, from exceptional speakers, so that media isn’t absolutely reliant on headphones to be enjoyable.

5. A bigger screen

At 5.2 inches the Honor 8 isn’t small, but it is at the smaller sized end of screen dimension currently, with also many budget plan phones loading a 5.5-inch display.

Of course, not every person desires a big display, however pressing the Honor 9 up to around 5.5 inches would keep it workable, while providing you a larger canvas to view your applications, video games as well as videos.

  • The Huawei P11 is most likely in the jobs too