Google sending software update to address new Nexus 7 multitouch issue

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The Android 4.3-packing new Nexus 7 could be a well-reviewed device, however it’s not without its imperfections. Chief amongst them was a problem that triggered the slate problems when trying to sign up multitouch commands, which is kind of a downer for a tablet.

Google, however, is starting to correct the specifically vexing concern.

In a Google Mobile Help Online forum message posted yesterday, Googler Paul Wilcox kept in mind a repair, through a brand-new system update, is presenting to zap this Nexus 7 annoyance.

“This upgrade does resolve issues discussed in this [Nexus 7 (2013) unpredictable touchscreen & keyboard] thread,” he wrote. “If you are one of individuals experiencing touchscreen problems, please let’s understand how it’s going after you have received and set up the update. “

Touch on

Last week, strings of individuals reported that the Nexus 7 was incorrectly signing up touch commands, triggering touch targets to arbitrarily leap around. The leaps just appeared to arise when the tablet was making use of battery and not AC power.

The system update presently on the way is version JSS15Q of Android 4.3, and appears to have been launched particularly to take care of the touchscreen issue.

Users in the Teams thread reported the update is working, with one writing, “I am thrilled to report that my touchscreen is now working within a tolerable level of excellence! ” High standards, no?

However, the brand-new Nexus 7 does have one persisting problem: its disconnect-happy GPS seems to still be leaving traveling owners in the stumble.

Google is, as you can guess, working with a fix.