Update: Codenames for 3 Google mobiles have actually been leaked, directing to the Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and a larger phablet phone. Plus a brand-new rumor suggests the Pixel 2 could include a curved display.

The following front runner phone( s) from Google most likely won’t arrive until late 2017, but we’re currently thinking of what the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL may have in shop for us.

The search giant is maded with the Nexus line as well as in its place the firm has developed a somewhat even more premium, and also much extra conventional range.

We’re talking, obviously, regarding the Google Pixel as well as the bigger Google Pixel XL, 2 premium handsets focused on the exact same market as the apple iphone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

They were a strong initial shot as well, scoring high in our reviews, yet they stumbled in some locations as well as probably didn’t rather accumulate to their rivals. Google is certain to find out from its errors as well as make the Pixel 2 even better. 

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The next of Google’s Pixel phones
  • When is it out? Late 2017, possibly October
  • What will it cost? A flagship rate is all however guaranteed

Google Pixel 2 launch date and price

Key points:

  • Pixel 2 launch day most likely to be October
  • Expect a front runner rate tag too

The Google Pixel as well as Pixel XL were both introduced in October 2016, so we’d anticipate to see the Pixel 2 approximately a year later on, in or around October 2017.

Although the Pixel line is new, it’s improving the now inoperative Nexus variety, which also had the tendency to have a brand-new mobile phone in around September or October of each year.

Rick Osterloh, Google’s senior vice president of equipment, has confirmed there will be a brand-new Pixel this year, though he didn’t get anymore particular than that.

Mobile Phone

There could as a matter of fact be 3 new phones though, as we’ve heard word of mobiles codenamed ‘walleye’ and ‘muskie’ – believed to be the Pixel 2 as well as Pixel 2 XL respectively, however additionally the ‘taimen’, which is believed to be a bigger phablet-sized handset.

According to one resource the Pixel 2 will evidently bring a loftier cost than its predecessors – something we hope doesn’t transform out to be true. The old one started at $649 (£599, AU$1,079), or $769 (£719, AU$ 1,269) for the XL variation, so it was already expensive.

Google Pixel 2 news and rumors

Hottest leaks:

  • The brand-new Pixels will certainly be waterpoof
  • There’s a third Pixel in the works
  • Improved chipset and camera
  • No headphone jack

One brand-new rumor for the Google Pixel 2 is the phone might feature a bent display screen when it launches later on this year.

Google has attempted to put an order for curved OLED screens with the LG Present Business, which suggests the company is prepared to accept bent screens on the Pixel 2 as well as Pixel 2 XL.

Mobile device

Another report for the Google Pixel 2 is it will certainly have a water resistant layout. An Elderly Editor at 9to5Google reported a source has claimed the phone will be dunkable when it’s released.

They likewise exposed that the Pixel 2 will certainly include an enhanced chipset and also electronic camera, which can go some way to warranting the reported greater price.

The exact same resource after that obtained back in call with 9to5Google to disclose that the search giant is currently checking a spending plan Pixel phone which will have down-graded specs, yet a smaller price tag.

This report has actually considering that been shot down by a Google officer, so it’s looking unlikely – though the officer refers specifically to Pixel, so it’s constantly feasible that a spending plan Google mobile phone will land without Pixel branding.

We’ve likewise heard that a true phablet may be landing, alongside the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, so we could see at the very least 3 Pixel mobile phones this year.

Elsewhere, we’ve listened to that the Pixel 2 may ditch the 3.5 mm earphone jack, which seems strange provided that Google actively highlighted its presence in marketing for the original Pixel.

As for various other Pixel 2 reports, there are precisely zero so much. We can take an informed guess at some of the points we’re likely to see.

For instance, the Snapdragon 835 looks like the chipset of choice for 2017 flagships, so there’s an excellent possibility the Pixel 2 will utilize that, though with a likely late 2017 launch Google may choose for something even newer. It’s also likely to have 6GB of RAM, as that as well is rumored for a number of phones.

One point we can be very sure of is that the Pixel 2 will certainly run whatever the most up to date variation of Android goes to the time, as well as there’s a likelihood that it will release together with Android O.


The Pixel 2 is also likely to improve exactly what came in the past and include missing features – don’t be surprised if it’s water immune this time around as has actually been rumored, and also the display on the common Pixel 2 might be increased to a QHD resolution.

That would certainly bring it in line with the Pixel XL, which would come in handy, specifically as Google has positioned the range as built for its Musing VR platform, for which those added pixels would really help the aesthetic experience.

Google also greatly marketed the Pixel on its electronic camera skills, so additional improvements there are likely, however the business might stick with what works – which could suggest the same 12.3 MP sensor.

What we want to see

The above is what we’re anticipating to see, but the complying with is exactly what we’d want to see, if the Google Pixel 2 is to truly excite us.

1. A lower price

The Pixel and Pixel XL are high-end phones, but they have beyond premium costs, with the XL setting you back greater than practically anything outside the iPhone 7 And also, and also the typical Pixel rivaling other flagships in price, despite not quite matching all their specs.

If Google actually wants to make these phones mainstream, after that for the Pixel 2 it has to reduce the cost. Apple is a large name in equipment currently, so it could get away with wallet-worrying costs, but Google’s Pixel brand name still has to grow.

2. A sharper screen

The initial Pixel has simply a 1080p screen, which isn’t fairly a front runner spec when most rivals (consisting of the Pixel XL) have actually QHD ones. It’s also troublesome when the Pixel is placed as a VR-friendly phone, yet doesn’t quite have the pixels to back that up.

So we’d prefer to see a QHD screen on the Pixel 2, as well as probably also a 4K display on the Pixel 2 XL – though only if it doesn’t destroy the battery.

3. A stylish build

The Google Pixel has a premium and unique look, with a metal and also glass back, however it’s likewise a somewhat unusual as well as dissentious one, so we’d like to see it rethought for the Google Pixel 2.


There’s absolutely nothing incorrect with glass, or metal, or also both together, however the layout should be cohesive, where on the Pixel it looks a little bit like they’ve just integrated the two materials for it.

4. Water resistance

Water resistance still isn’t a feature of all flagship phones, yet it’s progressively heading that method, with even the apple iphone 7 sporting a specific quantity, so the Pixel having none (beyond being splash-resistant) was unfortunate.

Hopefully that will be transformed for the Google Pixel 2, and we’ll get a phone that a minimum of matches the ideal waterproofing on present phones – that implies IP68 qualification, yet if it could go also more and be totally water resistant, then all the better.

5. Better battery life

It seems like we’re asking for better battery life from virtually every phone, but the Pixel is specifically in demand, frequently needing a top-up midway with an evening.

That’s not excellent at any rate, yet specifically out a flagship, so we wish to see substantial improvements in life from the Pixel 2.

6. Stereo speakers

As with waterproofing, this is another thing that not all front runners have, yet it’s certainly something we prefer to see, or hear.

While we’d always instead use earphones for sound on a phone, that’s not always useful, so a beefy pair of stereo speakers can make all the distinction. With any luck the Google Pixel 2 will have them.

7. Assistant improvements

Google Aide was just one of the main marketing factors of the Pixel, but while it’s definitely impressive, it doesn’t really feel rather like the 2.0 upgrade to Google Now that it was billed as.

Among other things we want it to consistently detect the ‘OK Google’ wake command the very first time we say it, and also to be able to comprehend exactly what we’re asking every single time, also when we talk fast or in loud environments.

It’s respectable now, yet the times when it fails make us want we hadn’t asked at all.

  • The apple iphone 8 might be the Pixel 2’s biggest rival.