Glovebox - cool side launcher app brings Ubuntu Touch interface to Android

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Glovebox is a stealthy app launcher that essentially conceals your essential shortcuts and allows you to access them from anywhere you could be by swiping from the side. Like a smoother and more approximately date solution than Wave Launcher, the app offers lots of customisability and is very easy to utilize.

Price: Free or -$3.75 for the premium version

Tested on: Nexus 4
Content Rating: Everyone

Pros & Cons:


  • Easy to use!
  • Smooth and accessible!
  • Customisable!


  • Premium variation is quite pricey.
  • Occasional force closure.


Glovebox is a cool minor application that permits you to access your favorite apps, widgets and faster ways from anywhere with an easy swipe. If you are playing a game or utilizing an additional app, you simply swipe your finger from the set position (default is top left of the screen) and the menu is revealed. You then can scroll down and tap the picked app flawlessly. The app basically makes switching between apps a far faster and more productive process.

The app is really much like the Ubuntu Unity dock that you can experience both on your pc or the new Ubuntu for Android solution that’s gradually becoming available. If you like that look, it would be basic to use Glovebox and a 3rd party launcher like Apex Launcher to recreate the Ubuntu style. Broaching styles, the app has the choice to choose icon sets. Now, at the time of writing this is not yet available, but when it launches it’ll make the app even more customisable.

The cost-free version of Glovebox lets you produce 8 different app faster ways whereas the Premium version also lets you include widgets which kind of quietly overlay whatever app your are in at the time, look into the video below for a demonstration. I think whether or not the Premium version is worth purchasing is very much up to the individual. The complete rate is just under the $4 mark which is quite pricey for a launcher app.

Glovebox is exceptionally basic to make use of and you can do things like rearranging the faster ways to customise your experience with the app even more. If you like performance and like to utilize your Android gadget efficiently, this is definitely an app to have a look at. I think it’s still has some work to be done on it (I ‘d personally like it to look a bit even more Holo-themed) however it provides fantastic functionality and has lots of capacity.


From skipping to apps quickly or opening your camera app from anywhere you might be effectively, this is a terrific app to have. It likewise speeds up the means you use your device significantly, terrific if you like speed.

Ease of Use:

The app is extremely easy to make use of and setting up is a doddle. Simply click the tab to start the launcher, established your routes, reorder them and it’s done! As soon as established you can easily modify aspects of the app too.

Frequently Used:

Once you’ve actually installed the app and it’s up and running, it’s the kind of application you ‘d make use of whenever you use your phone.


The interface is smooth and very similar to the Ubuntu design principles. I am not greatly encouraged it looks all-that-great with a Holo style but if you are not that fussy about the aesthetic matching it still looks and works faultlessly.