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Happy Post-Disrupt Day, incredibly troopers. I trust you’re rehydrated and back at work. A pity. While we were enjoying Zuckerberg knock the UNITED STATE government for misbehaving while others handled to toss the Constitution out with the PayPal water, Microsoft created and released a new Surface area promotion: Trade in your iPad, get mad shop credit.

The gist is that if you’ve an iPad 2, 3, or 4 that’s ‘carefully’ utilized, Microsoft will give you no less than $200 in shop credit. And when you reject that tablet, you’ll desire an additional, right? Estimate what? Microsoft wishes to sell you among its own.

This holds true since Microsoft has far a lot of Surface 1.0 models in stock. The advertising lasts for about a month. This means that we’ll not see a new Surface area until most likely after October 27, when the trade-in campaign ends.

The title of this post is small exaggeration – however, as the cost of a new Surface RT tablet hybrid is $349, and the minimal cost for your Apple tablet is $200, the delta ‘twixt the 2 is small. For that reason, eliminate that old, soggy iPad and transfer to the Surface. It’ll make Redmond happy.

In reality, you probably have a number of tablets. If you desire a new toy, you now have an option. Keep in mind, however, that Microsoft has actually sent public welcomes to its Big Shiny New Surface area Event, so whatever you get now will be made passé.