Recently Google has advertised its new Gesture Typing Keyboard app on Play Shop for non-Nexus gadgets (previously it was just readily available on Google-branded Nexus devices). Since then lots of users switched over to this stock keyboard just since it’s intelligent and totally complimentary. Its motion typing, next-word prediction and word recognition makes you kind much faster and more properly on all your Android devices. Nevertheless, some individuals have experiencing a small problem with this keyboard.

Get The Comma Key Back on Your Google Keyboard (Quick Tip)

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The lost comma trick makes some concern for some individuals, particularly those who came from other keyboard app like Swiftkey. Below is ways to return the misplaced comma type in Google Keyboard.


– On your Android phone or tablet, go to Setups -> Language and Input

– Under Keyboard and Input Settings, touch the settings icon beside Android Keyboard. (Alternatively, long press the area bar and select Android Keyboard settings)

– Under General, touch Voice input key

– Choose On symbols keyboard.

Get The Comma Key Back on Your Google Keyboard (Quick Tip)

That’s it!

Definitely, the brand-new Gesture Typing Keyboard (found in Android 4.2) is an enormous change from exactly what many of us are used to on earlier forms of the Android. You can produce words by merely brushing over a string of letters in one continuous movement.

Google Keyboard app can be download from Play Shop (may not be readily available in your country) and it’ll operate on Android 4.0 ICS and above devices.