Vector Facility, the designer behind one of the most popular game Riptide General Practitioner recently came on Reddit to provide live responses. Throughout the conversation they exposed the approaching version of the franchise business. According to the Vector Unit the upcoming follow up of the game, Riptide GP 2 will be launched on 23rd of July.

As for the other information such as whether the game would be exclusively for Tegra and will it be paid or not. Thankfully, Vector Facility offered with all the answers. So far what we’ve stumbled upon Riptide General Practitioner 2 won’t be Tegra exclusive, although the Tegra gadgets will have extra bit of augmented visuals.

Get Ready for Some Riptide GP 2 Action on 23rd July

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Other requirements that you’d require to run the game consist of Android 2.3, 512 RAM and it’s suggested that your gadget has 1GHZ single core processor under the hood. Another brand-new attribute would be the Advance choice for graphics, you’ll get to toggle graphic setting according to your demand.

While the game provides so much, it does include a cost. Riptide General Practitioner 2will come with a cost of $2.99 however given the multiplayer option how good the game is in terms of graphics and gameplay, $2.99 is worth it.