If you have spent time below at Android Entity, then you understand that we really like our quizzies and Geography Quiz 3D is one of the best available for Android right now: a complete 3D experience with fun location related questions from all over the world, played in real time against various other real opponents. In shorts, an absolutely incredible experience altogether.

A test doesn’t typically pay too much attention to the appearance and this is precisely what Geography Quiz 3D doesn’t do. Rather, as the title recommends, it opts for an eye sweet method of the game, with gorgeous graphics and animations which merely handle to raise the quality bar to a whole new level. Now I’ll not delight in any other test game as much if doesn’t look as good as Geography Quiz 3D!

geography quiz review

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The idea is basic in theory: you begin the game, the game itself discovers a couple of opponents to play against and you start the quiz. The questions are revealed as a journey around the globe, with stops in numerous locations where the real question stops. If you manage to get it right from the first try you get maximum points, if not you’ll get fewer and fewer. Your objective is to reach the end of the road and be the player with the highest rating in order to succeed.

General understanding is insufficient though, as there are all types of power-up to utilize in order to make your trip easier and even more successful: you can decrease the other players utilizing powerups, you can utilize shortcuts to get faster to the next concern and you can even get rid of wrong responses from the queue. In shorts, there’s a lot to do in this gorgeous game!

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