Do you wish to show your pals that an UFO has landed in your yard? Or maybe that some TNT barrels simply exploded your newly bought automobile? Well, you can easily do this (and a lot more) by downloading the complimentary app FxGuru: Movie FX Director for Android!

I was incredibly delighted, after having a look at this app, to see that certainly the visual results look very real and the lighting is entirely adapted to the video and absolutely nothing looks artificial (as long as you concur that an UFO can land in your bed room).

FxGuru: Movie FX Director Android App Turns You into a Special FX Expert!

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It’s incredibly simple to make use of, incredibly enjoyable and definitely an app to play with. The FxGuru: Motion picture FX Director Android app has 3 free of cost results: satellite crash, UFO landing and exploding barrels, but it likewise has a bunch more readily available as in-app acquisitions. And after looking into this app, you’ll probably want to get them all!

I make certain that you already liked the image above, which is much better than 1,000 words, however you can also check out FxGuru: Film FX Supervisor in activity in the video below, certainly better than 1,000 images:

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