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Fuse, a brand-new mobile application that aggregates your social networking task into one ‘merged’ feed that you can then communicate with, search, reply to and more, recently got an overhaul making it a more stable product – and one that’s now ready for the forthcoming iOS 7 os thanks to an updated look-and-feel.

The idea behind the app is basic: it brings all your social networks together under one linked interface. Currently, Fuse combines your accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, with plans to offer support for Pinterest, Google+, Foursquare and various other networks in the future.

Like most social apps, Fuse presents your updates in a stream-like format, allowing you to like/favorite, share, re-tweet/re-post, respond, and more. Plus, it lets you write posts and afterwards share to all your networks at once – the means Ping. fm as soon as did back in the earlier Internet 2.0 days. You can likewise produce and conserve searches that find your keywords and search terms throughout all your networks.

There are other apps that let you incorporate your social accounts – Divvy, for instance, focuses on photos, and freshly introduced Socialblend looks promising, as well. However, various other would-be competitors have since abandoned this area, including TweetDeck, which previously this year pulled its Facebook integration and mobile apps, while Streamified more recently announced they’ll be joining Airbnb and shutting down.

Fuse intend to stick around a bit longer by having a company model in location from the first day, it appears. Twitter and Facebook support are provided free of charge in the app, however Instagram and LinkedIn are 99 cents via in-app acquisition. Most likely, as other services are put, they too would be paid upgrades.

fuse4Fuse’s co-founder Kyle Matthews is most effectively known as the co-founder of ModMy LLC – the company behind ModMyi.com, the biggest iPhone personalization neighborhood online, with some 850,000 participants and 1 million day-to-day pageviews. He explains that the new app was constructed out of an individual need. Managing your social presence is taking an increasing number of time, states Matthews, as an enhancing number of apps vie for your attention. ‘I got tired every morning of opening 4 different apps to examine my social presences. Our tagline is ‘You are one social individual. Get one social app,” he says.

Matthews teamed up with co-founder Ryan Negri, CEO of e-commerce website Negri Electronics, to produce Laicos, the mobile development studio behind Fuse. The 2 have substantial experience in the mobile area – Negri with the wireless market and bootstrapping companies, and Matthews with app building, consulting, and more, including ModMy’s other expansions to medical apps through ModMedical, and auto modifications with Brooks Motorsport, among other things.

The Fuse app quietly introduced in late June, and received the overhaul simply a week back. Fuse is completely self-funded and lives here in the iTunes App Store.