FreedomPop, the cordless provider that supplies totally free information, message, calls as well as WhatsApp access to its consumers, has actually announced its very own phone, the FreedomPop V7.
The V7 is a no-frills, low-end Android smartphone, yet its affordable price of £59 (not readily available beyond UK and Spain at time of writing) makes it well worth the plunge, so to have another Google Play Store-connected gadget around the house.
Running down the specifications, you won’t discover anything that leaps out as impressive, or even really excellent in all (particularly after seeing all the recent MWC 2017 benefits), however the V7 is angled to a value-focused audience and wants to deliver on its mission.
The main highlights worth keeping in mind are its 5-inch IPS display screen and also Android 6.0 Marshmallow support. Like many modern phones, the V7 will certainly feature a front as well as back dealing with video camera system, being available in at 5MP and 13MP, respectively.
Lastly, the new phone will feature 8GB of onboard storage and also microSD assistance to extend it to 32GB.

Though we haven’t yet tried the V7, it’s worth noting that our experience with the similarly specced WileyFox Flicker wasn’t a good one.
We often saw inadequate efficiency in regards to app load times, and also general use the phone was flat-out unenjoyable. Sure, the price factor for the V7 readies. For the purpose of your peace of mind, don’t go anticipating to run most apps smoothly.

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So, what’s unique here?

As you’ve seen, the specs aren’t anything to obtain thrilled around. However there’s more to this tale. FreedomPop, locateded in the USA, serves 3G and 4G LTE to a growing variety of areas on the affordable. Just how low-cost? Well, totally free, to an extent.
The V7 includes the FreedomPop SIM card in its twin SIM port, so you can obtain going quickly with YouTube video-watching, Fire Emblem Heroes, or what have you. Once the free information goes out, you could change solutions to your various other SIM. The business makes it tempting not to stray.
FreedomPop supplies the initial 200MB, 200 texts and 200 minutes of calling on the house, then its 1GB plan, with endless talk and message is $19.99. Whatever you select, the solution offers endless WhatsApp accessibility, as well as is contract-free, which is coming to be an increasingly eye-catching function as increasingly more of the most up to date smartphones go unlocked.
While the V7 won’t match the demands of many smartphone users, it’s an inexpensive method to start for those who have actually never ever had a linked gadget. It sustains handy features that we enjoy in Google’s Project Fi, like Wi-Fi calling, so you’re not draining your information when you’re at house or within a hotspot.
And if you feel like this gadget truly isn’t for you, it would certainly make a good present, all while you stick the FreedomPop SIM card right into whatever phone you’d rather be using.
The FreedomPop V7 will sell just in the UK and also Spain. Yet also if your region isn’t detailed here, an action like this could indicate that we’ll see even more smart devices coming from the carrier at some point.