GungHo Entertainment has actually done pretty good task in developing some of the most entertaining games for Android and in their profile one game in particular is making some significant amount of money. Now the designers have included an additional game to the portfolio which is just recently launched to Google Play, called the Freak Tower.

Storyline of Freak Tower is rather easy yet astounding, you own a tower and now it depends on you to make some business out of it and for that you’ll be renting out your property to other individuals for company. However the trouble is they aren’t your regular individuals, they’re either beasts or weird looking individuals or freaks. So while your business will be expanding these monsters will be trying to tore down your building and the bigger you get the more beasts you’ll attract.

Freak Tower, Where Freaks Meet the Monsters

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The game provides practically 240 freaks that can be invited to your tower to start their business or to make it their house. The companies that they’ll do will help you generate earnings and as the more freaks dwell in your developing the more there are possibilities for you to fight back beasts in order to save your tower. Once you’ve constructed your tower high enough, you’ll be bestowed with a pet that’ll both secure your structure and damage your competitor’s tower.

More freaks imply more firepower. Your freak residents assist beat the monsters whenever they attack your tower by tossing things at them and you’ll be helping up the firepower by tossing things from the top of the tower.

Freak Tower is now available on Google Play and you can get yourself a copy of the game for free of cost. So go abuse some monsters.