Fling Theory, the popular physics-based puzzle game for Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones is upgraded to v1.o.3.4. The new version is totally revamped with minor renovations and now free of cost to have fun with coin-collecting system.

‘Bend your brain! In Fling Theory, gamers address puzzles by manipulating physics and destroying barriers. Your weapon? Electrons! Fee atoms so your freshly produced electromagnetic field can lead you to safety. Use your brain power to address complicated puzzles and compare scores against a buddy to see who’ll be the next Albert Einstein or Marie Curie.

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Now the level sets are divided into seven themed worlds and you require coins to open them after first world. The coins are spread throughout every level and you’ve to gather them to get to the next level. Recapitulating levels and finding new options will get you coins. You can also purchase coin packs via In-App Purchase (IAP). Lastly, much like before the update, you can still turn off in-game ads for a dollar.

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