Fetch - an App that find Apps You’ll Love

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Fetch – Apps You’ll Love is a distinctively powerful app finding applications which assists your comb the Google Play Store like never once before. You basically tell the app what you are searching for, and it does the rest. It’s a slurry of useful filters, app summaries and micro testimonials for many of the top apps available. Fetch is truly simple to make use of and assists you discover concealed gems you might’ve missed.

Price: Free

Tested on: Nexus 4
Content Rating: Low Maturity

Pros & Cons:


  • Easy to use and intuitive!
  • Loads of functions and tolls to help you look at the apps you are looking for!
  • Handy micro-reviews for numerous apps!


  • Searches occasionally regurgitate some odd results, see below.


Fetch is for people who such as downloading apps. If you are reviewing this, that most likely suggests you. The app provides a variety of different features which enable you to find brand-new apps and games. For example, you can at first make use of an app you’ve actually already downloaded and it looks for comparable applications. So, among my favorite approach games is the gritty zombie survival game ‘ReBuild’. In Fetch I can look for games just like Reconstruct and discover games that have comparable traits, such as strategic gameplay.

You can do this with any app you already have downloaded and the results are usually excellent. I explain generally as I used ‘Pocket’ to try to find alternative news apps and received a number of excellent apps, however none of which were readers. That stated, this was seldom the case with other searches.

You can browse in alternative means. Simply tap the search button and utilize any number of keywords, ‘weather’, ‘approach’, ‘information’, ‘football’, ‘camera’ and so on. There are keywords to select from if you are not sure. Once you’ve a list of apps, you can filter them down in various ways too, this may be by price, Fetch ranking, variety of downloads and so on.

Perhaps the most effective feature in Fetch is the Feed. Below you can include your favored applications and the Feed will generate brand-new apps as and when they’re launched. So, I’ve added specific word games, information, weather and approach games to my feed (these have the tendency to be apps I like the most) and now Bring will provide similar apps to the prey on a routine basis.


For uncovering apps you might’ve previously missed or finding out about new applications as and when they’re released, Fetch is an excellent app-finding app that’s crucial if you like finding new games and applications. With its built in filters and various other devices, it’s really easy to look at a list of wonderful apps to do your best.

Ease of Use:

Generally, Fetch is really easy to utilize. There’s a great tutorial which you can link to (see above) which demonstrates how straight forward it is. There was a couple of occasions when I could not find the filter I was looking for (rate) but once you find your means around, which takes no time at all, it’s really instinctive.

Frequently Used:

This will always rely on the user, but the more apps you contribute to your feed, the more new apps and games will be included, meaning you’ve a steady stream of apps you might such as to try.


The user interface is Holo-esque and extremely simple to navigate. It’s clean, crisp, receptive and looks really great.